Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Corruption is 1.3 % of Word GDP

According to transparency International ,

Internationally worldwide Corruption is 45 Lakh Crore INR 
per annum

( 1 Trillion $) per annum

India's corruption is 4 lakh Crore INR   per annum

World GDP (oct 2010, IMF data) = 74,264,080 Million  US $ = 74.26 Trillion $
                                                     = 3416.14 trillion INR
                                                     =  3416.14 Lakh Crore INR

World corruption =
45 Lakh Crore INR 
World GDP  =  3416 Lakh Crore INR

So world corruption  comes out to be 1.31 %  of World GDP

I don't want to undermine the injustice caused by social, economical,political injustice
The only thing I want to stress is the Demon of
corruption is not as we imagine

So now we can fight it with full confidence.

Corruption per capita for global citizen =
45 Lakh Crore INR / 700 Crore = 6428.57 INR

Corruption per capita for Indian Citizen
= 4 Lakh Crore /120 Crore  = 3333.33 INR

Easy to solve and fight now ????

This is only economical  data  ----
When it gets converted into social, military, political insults, damage, hazards to life styles and lives it becomes horrible...

(Other Facts : 1  trillion = 1 Lakh Crore
                        Indian GDP futuristic 2012 = 90 Lakh Crore  (270 Lakh Crore with PPP)                    
                        US GDP      = 810 Lakh Crore
                        World GDP = 5 times of USA GDP = 3416 Lakh Crore

Warm Regds
Mr. Bankim Shah

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movement widespread

What ingredients Anna's or any mass
movement should have in present or
next time...( i just thought about it)

Trade Unions striking /supporting,
Government  Unions,
Student Unions,
Professional Unions

Non Co operation Movement
*  People should stop buying /consuming alcohol etc.
* Stop buying "Imported " goods
* Stop buying coke/pepsi/Mcdonald
* crackdown corruption of single corrupt people like corrupt police officer, one by one

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, August 14, 2011

EXPOSE NRIs (Non Resident Indians) - Especially American Indians

Yes when they were doing good and sending US $s back in India;
They were appreciated ;
Now when they are taking all their savings back to run their
spendings over there because of their unemployment etc.
Let even Layman and common person in India know about them
This information (genuine one) should come in all News papers........
There are many articles which already come in English papers like
Times of India.

However Parents of NRIs, becoming desperate to save their skin,
are trying to do all kind of misstatement, all kind of money transfers,
Criminal and corrupt things......

Some Facts about NRIs : This is all in Internet.
There are many surveys done on NRIs

1> Since 2008, These people have taken so much of money
abroad from their Indian accounts to spend th
eir living abroadin rough times like unemployment.

2> they have also sold their properties , assets in India to
pay their mortgages / loans taken for homes, cars, education.

3> Most of the people who are so called in Information technology and
IT enabled services are working with Call Centers and BPOs in reality;
the sophisticated names are IT/ ITES

4> Today, Top salaries in USA are of the tune of 85 lacs INR p.a  for few
faculty like Surgery etc. Else the general salaries have come down to
around 45 lacs INR p.a. for computer related jobs and even less in deed.

5> Not only the scales of salaries ( What i have mentioned above is
very much on higher  side) have gone down but Mass retrenchment
has started.. Some 4 Crore US citizens sleep hungry and about 1.5 Crore
are Unemployed since 2008. This number must have shoot up
in last few weeks

6> around 82 % of NRIs want to come back but they are scared of facing
Indians whom they used to treat like animals or used to laugh at them.
Even those who work in fortune 500 companies wish to come back.
This is because life in India for rich and "HAVES" is quite comfortable than
their  lives in USA.  Overall employment/ business/ money making  opportunities
are also much much more in growing economy.

7> Only very poor people, who don't have any savings or property
 think that after coming here they will not get any level playing field just like
Indian poor or commoner does not have.

This is just a first hand information, If i will get more detailed information
I will write more in other write ups

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah
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