Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water Regulation !!!!!

India gets 500 times rain water than its usage required.

Montek Singh Wants to take away water
from poor Farmers

Mr. Montek singh ahluwalia thinks that water should be charged
and may be for poor it should be subsidized 30%.

He thinks 80% of water used by agriculture as not  "economically
good proposition"

Mr. Montek Singh who is obviously agent of World bank and
wants to destroy agriculture and murder lakhs of farmers of this
country; remembers to regulate water and charge the price to it only when
he thinks agricultural usage is too much.

May be Mr. Montek wants to give all these waters to factories,
Slaughter houses, Pepsi and Coca Cola plants, amusement Parks,
5 star hotels, multi storied buildings.

  He never bothered about factories polluting our rivers, He never objected
car owners religiously washing their cars everyday in Mumbai like Cities
where poor have shortage of drinking water.

As far as Water supply is concerned; Late activist M. Rajeev Dixit
had said that we are getting rain water 500 times than our over all
usage. The problem is in conserving rain water from draining to rivers and sea.

For that we should have wells, rain water harvesting, lakes, forestation,
interlinking of river etc.

Recent example of successful water management is
having a lake in vasai in Mumbai which gives abundant water to neighboring
suburbs. Some good local politician took the initiative  for that.

Inter linking of Rivers (this can be done in parts) is a very cheap project
compared to newly grown Rich India with 12,75,00,000 INR Union budget
and equally rich states.

There are enough water for drinking , factory, agriculture etc
however just and competent water management and distribution
is necessary.
If we do not stop Mr. Montek, Agent of IMF and World Bank
will kill lakhs of poor farmers, lakh of common men.

Warm Regards

Bankim Shah 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Nationalised banks or their agents should opt to aggressive MICRO FINANCE

Already Banks are focusing to offer credit off take to Agriculture
and Micro Medium Small Enterprises..,
RBI can instruct banks to focus on Micro Finance.


1> Inclusive Growth

2>  Huge Self Employment  creation ; Poverty elevation

3> Poor people are ready to give even 20% to 25% which is very less
compared to traditional unorganized unregulated lenders offer lending at.

4> Banks balance sheet will improve with good spreads (the difference
between their lending and borrowing rates).

5> They can offer good interest rate on saving Fixed deposits.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

India - number of Billionaires , Millionaires, GDP (PPP) share in world GDP

India - number of Billionaires , Millionaires, GDP (PPP) share in world GDP

total number of Billionares listed by IMF in 2011 =  1210

( 1Bln $  wealth = 4500cr Indian rupees - So this list include people richer than 4500 Cr INR)

USA     =     413
China   =   115
Russia  =  101
India       =  55 .............

Last year (2010) India had only 33 Billionaires , now it is 55.

Brazil, Russia, India and China produced 108 of the 214 new names.
These four nations are home to one-in-four members, up from one-in-ten five years ago.

The Asia Pacific region now has a record 332 billionaires, up from 234 a year ago and 130 at the depth of the financial crisis in 2009.
America's wealthiest still dominate the global ranks, but the U.S. is losing its grip. One-in-three billionaires is an American, down from nearly one-out-of-two a decade ago. It has 10 more than last year but 56 fewer than its 2008 peak. The U.S. is adding new billionaires at a much slower pace; just 6% of its 413 billionaires are new this year compared with 47% of China's and 30% of Russia's.

Millionaires (June 2008  data ) Reuters

Total millionaires in world = 1.01  Crore  (10.1 million)  (in 2008)

1> India - highest % growth -The number of millionaires in India rose 22.7 percent to 123,000 people, the fastest growth in the world,

2> millionaires in China grew 20.3 percent to 415,000, making it home to the fifth-largest number of millionaires in the world

3> USA = 31 lacs (highest in the world) followed by Germany and Japan.

4> I
ndia, China, Indonesia , South Korea and Singapore in the top ten in terms of growth.

The number of millionaires in the Asia-Pacific grew 8.7 percent from a year ago to 2.8 million (28 lacs) people.

Globally, millionaires grew 6 percent to 10.1 million people.

Share in World GDP 2011
GDP Share of World Total (PPP)                                   Percentage

USA                                                                                    19.884  %  (Highest)
UK                                                                                         2.932  %
European Union   (many countries)                                     20.073 %
5.701 %  (3rd Highest)

2.916 %

RUSSIA                                                                                  2.989 %
INDIA                                                                                      5.486 % (4th highest )
CHINA                                                                                  13.984 %   (2nd highest)
Total of BRIC countries  (sum of above 4)                            25.375 %

Advanced Economies                                                             51.901 %
Emerging and Developing Economies                                   
48.099 %

so next year Emerging and Developing countries  - BRIC  , South Africa, Asian etc will cross and be more than 50 % making advanced economies down from 50% in World GDP.
The whole exercise  is to know where we stand in the World?
What are our potentials and to decide way ahead.

Readers can judge their own way.


Bankim Shah 

Monday, April 11, 2011

India vs America - Economy in GDP , Per capita GDP

According to 2010 Data
US GDP = 14.08 Trillion US$

Indian GDP =3.91 Trillion US $ (in PPP - Purchasing power parity adjusted Terms).

So their Economy  is not even 4 times bigger than our Economy
as shown above.
Plus USA population is 30-35 Crore wheres Indian population is 121 Crore
taking it as a 4 times the USA population;

our per capita income is not  less than 1/16th of USA per Capita GDP.....
Or USA per capita income is just 16 times per capita of India ...

even if we take nominal GDP, that is removing PPP of India to be 3;
USA per capita income is just 48 times per capita of India ....

IMF Data (2010) GDP per capita of
           USA        is         
47,123 US $   ( it is on number 6th highest out of the listed 182 countries)
           Russia    is          15,807 US $    (51st number from top)

           China      is          7,518 US  $    (93rd number)
           India        is           3,290 US $    (127th number) (14.32 times less than USA)
           Pakistan  is          2,789 US $     (133rd Number)

India and china though being 4th largest (PPP adjusted ) and 2nd largest Economy;
per capita goes down because  of  very huge population.

So if we increase the PPP of India by some means or we appreciate the
Rupee against US $ (which is due since long term) gap between
GDPs and gap between "per capita incomes" can be further reduced.
very wrong and inappropriate measure  of  the progress
- of the socio , economic  and political progress.

So we should focus on Sovereign, corruption free, Just, inclusive,
 Employment generating, pollution free, Green  progress
with maximum human development..

If we do so , all above numbers will be  more and more positive
and  India can be on the TOP list of all positive socio, economic
and political development.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10-15 % Car owners in cities are taking 85% of pedestrians, bus, rickshaw travellers for the ride....

10-15 % Car owners in cities are taking 85%
of pedestrians, bus, rickshaw travellers
 for the ride....

They are impatient and often beat or Kill Rickshaw walas
and Senior Citizens if they are little slow on roads.

They have no threat or fear of Traffic Laws
or police.

Government and Police have no respect for
pedestrians ; they are treatd like criminals.

Even drivers of Big Cars  are behaving like
they are Kings of the cities.

Traffic Police should have a big campaign
against the Traffic law Breakers even if they are
driving BMWs - They should be heavily punished
by heavy fine and imprisonment

If things are not controlled in time ,
I think it will lead to very diffcult civil war situations. Bottled fury of public will
burst any time for unprecedented situation.

Please Read below article of today 3rd april 2011 of THE HINDU
supporting my argument....

Online edition of India's National Newspaper

Sunday, Apr 03, 2011

Andhra Pradesh - Kadapa Printer Friendly Page   Send this Article to a Friend

‘Many road accidents caused by negligence of drivers'
Special Correspondent
KADAPA: Most of the road accidents occur due to negligence of drivers and non-adherence to traffic rules, Pushpagiri School director M. Vivekananda Reddy said on Saturday.
Speaking at a sadassu on “Traffic rules – safety of life,” jointly organised by Pushpagiri Traffic Club and Kadapa Traffic Police on Pushpagiri school premises here, Mr. Reddy said several lives were being lost due to overloaded vehicles meeting with accidents. Stressing the need for improving enforcement of traffic rules by police personnel, he said the department's image was being tarnished as some of them were resorting to taking bribe.
Poster released
Kadapa Traffic Circle Inspector Babu Reddy called upon students to create awareness in society and also tell their elders about traffic safety guidelines. He released a poster and gave a power-point presentation on curbing accidents.
Traffic Sub-Inspector Chandrasekhar administered a pledge to the students that they would follow traffic safety rules.
Later, students of the school, sporting coloured headgears and carrying traffic club flags and placards that read ‘Speed kills, avoid using cell phones while driving,' etc. took out a rally which was flagged off by Traffic Circle Inspectors Balasubramanyam and Babu Reddy, and Mr. Vivekananda Reddy. Traffic policemen led the rally on motorcycles.

Warm Regards
 Mr. Bankim Shah
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