Thursday, November 17, 2011

Positive Thinking : though I am worried about US Dollar rising against Indian Rupee..

This time even all Big shots - billionaire Industrialists, businessmen,
all the players of capital markets and Analysts are also worried about
Rupee depreciation which leads to rise in fuel imports, commodities, all
other imports, rising fiscal deficit , current account deficit etc....

Is there any manipulation?
I remember Mr. Subbarao, RBI governor in his last term indicating
in the meeting of world central bankers that he would like Rupee become
the "Reserved Currency" in his own term of office. 

Who stops RBI from strengthening Rupee? Or I do not understand
the foreign exchange Mechanism?

Positive thinking ......I love India 

my country  whether it is  rich, poor 
or anyway it is.

"It is Normal to love your motherland and it is abnormal to hate  your Motherland"

1> British Pound is 80 Rs and  Euro  is 65  Rs.  - Still these
economies are behind us taken into consideration PPP (purchasing power parity).
According to PPP we are 4th largest economy which will be 3rd largest
economy by crossing Japan's economy by March 2012.

Even without PPP consideration, we are ninth largest economy
already crossed Russia and Canada lately.

2> Without comparing with other countries, India's own GDP,
GDP per capita, Net worth per capita and many and many other
yardsticks for economy are doubled or increased many fold post
2000, especially after 2005.

3> Number of millionaires  and billionaires are increasing in
India and China  at the highest rate than in any other country.
Out of which millionaires are upper middle class.

4> Developed Economies are gonna have less than 1 to 1.5 %
GDP growth for a decade ; and Emerging Economies typically
6 to 9 % for the same time.

5>Due to God's grace,  By this time if can crackdown the real culprits
and traitors of the country ...... India will be free from their
conspiracies forever....

6> All people having sound knowledge about economics,
foreign exchange should jump in and save the country
from national disaster .....biggest disaster of all i.e.
someone in power in India is destroying India for the
welfare of sinking USA by depreciating Indian Rupee
against USD. (No other country has depreciated its currency
as much as India has )

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A documentary film showing USA poverty in slums and streets

A documentary film showing USA poverty
in slums and streets;
people starving on streets;
should be shown in ALL countries...


USA population is about 30 Crore;
6 Crore are below poverty line;
1.5 Crore sleep hungry with one meal a day;
 4 Crore people do not  have jobs or social security
since around 4 years.

Who will do all this?
There are many to take the adventure
of exposing USA- people within USA
= "occupy wall street" activists;
communist parties/Leftist in activists;
if not Indians people/terrorists from other nations

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Donate bicycle to your servants and employees

People in Rural and Urban areas can donate bicycles to their
domestic labor, office labor etc.

Advantages :

1> Many of them have to walk too much per day or rely upon
public transport system which is not good enough in comfort, timeliness etc.

2> This is a very cheap idea to empower poor and sincere servants and employees

3> This is a great Fuel Saving and trend setter for Fuel-Free Efficient Business Environment.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Friday, September 23, 2011


There should be TOP priority to
handle this issue  of  devaluing Rupee 
in corrupt ways by Govt.

Even Public Interest Litigation can be filed on this.

please read this link below

Warm regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



1> Why Can not Insurance Companies operate as
Banks do in simple way....

2> Why there should be insurance agents at all -
They must be employed as bank employees and should
have offices exactly like that of banks.

3>  Why PSU Bank insurances which are very efficient insurance tools
are not marketed well? Is Government trying to kill Public Sector ?

4> STANDARDIZED and SIMPLIFIED Few models/Plans  of  Life
insurance / Medi-claim / Accident Benefits /Motor insurance /travel
insurance etc should be launched

5>  There should not be virtually any unnecessary competition in Insurance - Private
or Public companies. Only Zones should be divided geographically.
It should  just become like how Reilance Energy Ltd and Tata power
provide electricity to Mumbai.

6> This will make each one happy (except corrupt people in Insurance industry and
IRDA ) This will make everything speedy. Speedy marketing, speedy operations,
speedy claim disbursal. Efficient and cost effective and time effective systems.

Many more poor and middle class people will be served and there will not
be any confusions in people's mind. All Marketing cheating and multiplicities
of complex Plans will be eradicated

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why There is so much False propaganda by corporate sector to reduce fiscal deficit and its target etc.

CII , ASSOCHEM - all these associations of private businesses;
have no business but to misguide the nation about so called
bad state of Government spending etc. whereas it is corporate which needs
to reforms itself and contribute something positive to nation and not become
beneficiary of privatization and looting natural resources and land in Free.

According to  Karma's theory , these  are the next batch of people who will
soon be dethroned and will be living ordinary lives like how descendants
of princely states are living in India.

Below are data of Fiscal deficit 4.12 Lakh Crore which is just
2.5 imes of Scam by A. Raja.

India's External debt is also only 10 Lakh Crore which is
67 times less than US external debt which is 671 Lakh Crore

Why do our politicians and Corporate hide all these glory
of Indians from India ?

Why do our politicians and corporate India try to make simple facts
so difficult so far  ??

Whom they are feared of  ?  - Are they feared of confidence
and awakening of common man?

Whom they are saving? Which countries they are saving?
Which countries  these people have their stakes in?

It is so easy for us to repay our external debt and take care
of our fiscal deficit even RIGHT NOW , even before
we have not received all the Indian black money abroad and in India.

So why our Politicians and our corporate don't speak out and
deprive a common Indian of his glory, status, money, facilities
which he deserves??

IMF data 2010

    US GDP  = 674 Lakh Crore INR
    India's GDP  = 71 Lakh Crore INR

External Debt of USA

4,590,000,000,000 US $  = 14.59 trillion US $ =  671 trillion INR
                        = 671 Lakh Crore INR  (99% of GDP)
                         ( 67 times that of India)
                        = 22,36,666  INR  per capita   
        approx                = 22 Lakh INR per capita   
External Debt of India

237,100,000,000  US $  = 237 Billion Us $ = 10902 Billion INR 
                                                                          = 10,90,200 Crore INR
                                                                          = 10 Lack Crore   INR (15% of GDP)

                                                                          =  8,264 INR per capita
Budgeted fiscal  deficit  of India in Financial Year 2011-12
is 4.12 Lakh Crores  which can be recovered by avoiding 2-3 scams like that of 2-G

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Corruption is 1.3 % of Word GDP

According to transparency International ,

Internationally worldwide Corruption is 45 Lakh Crore INR 
per annum

( 1 Trillion $) per annum

India's corruption is 4 lakh Crore INR   per annum

World GDP (oct 2010, IMF data) = 74,264,080 Million  US $ = 74.26 Trillion $
                                                     = 3416.14 trillion INR
                                                     =  3416.14 Lakh Crore INR

World corruption =
45 Lakh Crore INR 
World GDP  =  3416 Lakh Crore INR

So world corruption  comes out to be 1.31 %  of World GDP

I don't want to undermine the injustice caused by social, economical,political injustice
The only thing I want to stress is the Demon of
corruption is not as we imagine

So now we can fight it with full confidence.

Corruption per capita for global citizen =
45 Lakh Crore INR / 700 Crore = 6428.57 INR

Corruption per capita for Indian Citizen
= 4 Lakh Crore /120 Crore  = 3333.33 INR

Easy to solve and fight now ????

This is only economical  data  ----
When it gets converted into social, military, political insults, damage, hazards to life styles and lives it becomes horrible...

(Other Facts : 1  trillion = 1 Lakh Crore
                        Indian GDP futuristic 2012 = 90 Lakh Crore  (270 Lakh Crore with PPP)                    
                        US GDP      = 810 Lakh Crore
                        World GDP = 5 times of USA GDP = 3416 Lakh Crore

Warm Regds
Mr. Bankim Shah

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movement widespread

What ingredients Anna's or any mass
movement should have in present or
next time...( i just thought about it)

Trade Unions striking /supporting,
Government  Unions,
Student Unions,
Professional Unions

Non Co operation Movement
*  People should stop buying /consuming alcohol etc.
* Stop buying "Imported " goods
* Stop buying coke/pepsi/Mcdonald
* crackdown corruption of single corrupt people like corrupt police officer, one by one

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, August 14, 2011

EXPOSE NRIs (Non Resident Indians) - Especially American Indians

Yes when they were doing good and sending US $s back in India;
They were appreciated ;
Now when they are taking all their savings back to run their
spendings over there because of their unemployment etc.
Let even Layman and common person in India know about them
This information (genuine one) should come in all News papers........
There are many articles which already come in English papers like
Times of India.

However Parents of NRIs, becoming desperate to save their skin,
are trying to do all kind of misstatement, all kind of money transfers,
Criminal and corrupt things......

Some Facts about NRIs : This is all in Internet.
There are many surveys done on NRIs

1> Since 2008, These people have taken so much of money
abroad from their Indian accounts to spend th
eir living abroadin rough times like unemployment.

2> they have also sold their properties , assets in India to
pay their mortgages / loans taken for homes, cars, education.

3> Most of the people who are so called in Information technology and
IT enabled services are working with Call Centers and BPOs in reality;
the sophisticated names are IT/ ITES

4> Today, Top salaries in USA are of the tune of 85 lacs INR p.a  for few
faculty like Surgery etc. Else the general salaries have come down to
around 45 lacs INR p.a. for computer related jobs and even less in deed.

5> Not only the scales of salaries ( What i have mentioned above is
very much on higher  side) have gone down but Mass retrenchment
has started.. Some 4 Crore US citizens sleep hungry and about 1.5 Crore
are Unemployed since 2008. This number must have shoot up
in last few weeks

6> around 82 % of NRIs want to come back but they are scared of facing
Indians whom they used to treat like animals or used to laugh at them.
Even those who work in fortune 500 companies wish to come back.
This is because life in India for rich and "HAVES" is quite comfortable than
their  lives in USA.  Overall employment/ business/ money making  opportunities
are also much much more in growing economy.

7> Only very poor people, who don't have any savings or property
 think that after coming here they will not get any level playing field just like
Indian poor or commoner does not have.

This is just a first hand information, If i will get more detailed information
I will write more in other write ups

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, July 25, 2011


Yes. If  Mumbai, Pune, Benglore , Delhi - all Cities and
all rural areas are made self  sufficient with respect to  their  own city
or village,  Food price will come down. Nobody will remain hungry.

Like USA and Russia (and many more countries) which have
extensive city farming

Imagine the  terraces of all buildings in Mumbai are having farming
done by agricultural workers. (In Mumbai Port Trust, very successfully
farming is done. There are many competent  Activists who create Free guidance
workshops  in Pune, Mumbai, Banglore)

Advantages :
1> Self sufficient cities and villages
2> Employment to many - agricultural labor
3> Unnecessary and corrupt Transportation and intermediaries are removed.
4> Total Food Kitty of the Country is increased.
5> Cities are bestowed with Greenery, Nature which are  anti dot to pollution.
6> Organic farming can be  promoted. more cows can be used.
7> Different crops like grains , pulses, vegetables, fruits , flowers (in the same order of urgency which is the basis for food security) can be grown.
8> This would add tremendously to total farm produce and already booming agricultural GDP of the country.
9> New power equations.
10> Pollution free Cities by creating green cover.
11> There are 10 Crore domestic labor and other Crores of agricultural labor who will get better job and lifestyles - so BIG BLUE COLLAR EMPLOYMENT

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, July 18, 2011




CARS ARE STANDING  ON BOTH THE SIDES  OF  MUMBAI  ROADS , ESPECIALLY   the small lanes  are  reduced totally  in size by  BIG  Cars

First of all these Cars are taken on lonas  by corporate/MNC employees. It is public Money and Corrupt Corporate want to  empower their  Chamcha
employees to  own BIG Cars.

These Cars are normally lying unused in small
Streets and are occupied by their drivers who are
sleeping all the time.

These Big Cars regularly beat up Auto Rickshaw
driver if they are little slow , especially these Rickshaw
drivers are taking in senior citizen passangers in and taking little time.

The biggest cause of death in India is by Road Accidents - around 34 % ; so very few are dying
naturally may be less than 10 % ; other causes are
infection, diseases etc.






Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, June 5, 2011



Whether Ramdev's movement is right or wrong  ; it was
legal rights of Indian Citizens to have peaceful non violent protest


This most corrupt Government is operating in


IF Indian Military is not taking over this
corrupt and Anti Democratic Government;

UNITED NATION and All Inter governmental
Organizations  striving for democracy , UNHRC   (United Nation Human Rights  Commission) etc
should intervene to see to it

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water Regulation !!!!!

India gets 500 times rain water than its usage required.

Montek Singh Wants to take away water
from poor Farmers

Mr. Montek singh ahluwalia thinks that water should be charged
and may be for poor it should be subsidized 30%.

He thinks 80% of water used by agriculture as not  "economically
good proposition"

Mr. Montek Singh who is obviously agent of World bank and
wants to destroy agriculture and murder lakhs of farmers of this
country; remembers to regulate water and charge the price to it only when
he thinks agricultural usage is too much.

May be Mr. Montek wants to give all these waters to factories,
Slaughter houses, Pepsi and Coca Cola plants, amusement Parks,
5 star hotels, multi storied buildings.

  He never bothered about factories polluting our rivers, He never objected
car owners religiously washing their cars everyday in Mumbai like Cities
where poor have shortage of drinking water.

As far as Water supply is concerned; Late activist M. Rajeev Dixit
had said that we are getting rain water 500 times than our over all
usage. The problem is in conserving rain water from draining to rivers and sea.

For that we should have wells, rain water harvesting, lakes, forestation,
interlinking of river etc.

Recent example of successful water management is
having a lake in vasai in Mumbai which gives abundant water to neighboring
suburbs. Some good local politician took the initiative  for that.

Inter linking of Rivers (this can be done in parts) is a very cheap project
compared to newly grown Rich India with 12,75,00,000 INR Union budget
and equally rich states.

There are enough water for drinking , factory, agriculture etc
however just and competent water management and distribution
is necessary.
If we do not stop Mr. Montek, Agent of IMF and World Bank
will kill lakhs of poor farmers, lakh of common men.

Warm Regards

Bankim Shah 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Nationalised banks or their agents should opt to aggressive MICRO FINANCE

Already Banks are focusing to offer credit off take to Agriculture
and Micro Medium Small Enterprises..,
RBI can instruct banks to focus on Micro Finance.


1> Inclusive Growth

2>  Huge Self Employment  creation ; Poverty elevation

3> Poor people are ready to give even 20% to 25% which is very less
compared to traditional unorganized unregulated lenders offer lending at.

4> Banks balance sheet will improve with good spreads (the difference
between their lending and borrowing rates).

5> They can offer good interest rate on saving Fixed deposits.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

India - number of Billionaires , Millionaires, GDP (PPP) share in world GDP

India - number of Billionaires , Millionaires, GDP (PPP) share in world GDP

total number of Billionares listed by IMF in 2011 =  1210

( 1Bln $  wealth = 4500cr Indian rupees - So this list include people richer than 4500 Cr INR)

USA     =     413
China   =   115
Russia  =  101
India       =  55 .............

Last year (2010) India had only 33 Billionaires , now it is 55.

Brazil, Russia, India and China produced 108 of the 214 new names.
These four nations are home to one-in-four members, up from one-in-ten five years ago.

The Asia Pacific region now has a record 332 billionaires, up from 234 a year ago and 130 at the depth of the financial crisis in 2009.
America's wealthiest still dominate the global ranks, but the U.S. is losing its grip. One-in-three billionaires is an American, down from nearly one-out-of-two a decade ago. It has 10 more than last year but 56 fewer than its 2008 peak. The U.S. is adding new billionaires at a much slower pace; just 6% of its 413 billionaires are new this year compared with 47% of China's and 30% of Russia's.

Millionaires (June 2008  data ) Reuters

Total millionaires in world = 1.01  Crore  (10.1 million)  (in 2008)

1> India - highest % growth -The number of millionaires in India rose 22.7 percent to 123,000 people, the fastest growth in the world,

2> millionaires in China grew 20.3 percent to 415,000, making it home to the fifth-largest number of millionaires in the world

3> USA = 31 lacs (highest in the world) followed by Germany and Japan.

4> I
ndia, China, Indonesia , South Korea and Singapore in the top ten in terms of growth.

The number of millionaires in the Asia-Pacific grew 8.7 percent from a year ago to 2.8 million (28 lacs) people.

Globally, millionaires grew 6 percent to 10.1 million people.

Share in World GDP 2011
GDP Share of World Total (PPP)                                   Percentage

USA                                                                                    19.884  %  (Highest)
UK                                                                                         2.932  %
European Union   (many countries)                                     20.073 %
5.701 %  (3rd Highest)

2.916 %

RUSSIA                                                                                  2.989 %
INDIA                                                                                      5.486 % (4th highest )
CHINA                                                                                  13.984 %   (2nd highest)
Total of BRIC countries  (sum of above 4)                            25.375 %

Advanced Economies                                                             51.901 %
Emerging and Developing Economies                                   
48.099 %

so next year Emerging and Developing countries  - BRIC  , South Africa, Asian etc will cross and be more than 50 % making advanced economies down from 50% in World GDP.
The whole exercise  is to know where we stand in the World?
What are our potentials and to decide way ahead.

Readers can judge their own way.


Bankim Shah 

Monday, April 11, 2011

India vs America - Economy in GDP , Per capita GDP

According to 2010 Data
US GDP = 14.08 Trillion US$

Indian GDP =3.91 Trillion US $ (in PPP - Purchasing power parity adjusted Terms).

So their Economy  is not even 4 times bigger than our Economy
as shown above.
Plus USA population is 30-35 Crore wheres Indian population is 121 Crore
taking it as a 4 times the USA population;

our per capita income is not  less than 1/16th of USA per Capita GDP.....
Or USA per capita income is just 16 times per capita of India ...

even if we take nominal GDP, that is removing PPP of India to be 3;
USA per capita income is just 48 times per capita of India ....

IMF Data (2010) GDP per capita of
           USA        is         
47,123 US $   ( it is on number 6th highest out of the listed 182 countries)
           Russia    is          15,807 US $    (51st number from top)

           China      is          7,518 US  $    (93rd number)
           India        is           3,290 US $    (127th number) (14.32 times less than USA)
           Pakistan  is          2,789 US $     (133rd Number)

India and china though being 4th largest (PPP adjusted ) and 2nd largest Economy;
per capita goes down because  of  very huge population.

So if we increase the PPP of India by some means or we appreciate the
Rupee against US $ (which is due since long term) gap between
GDPs and gap between "per capita incomes" can be further reduced.
very wrong and inappropriate measure  of  the progress
- of the socio , economic  and political progress.

So we should focus on Sovereign, corruption free, Just, inclusive,
 Employment generating, pollution free, Green  progress
with maximum human development..

If we do so , all above numbers will be  more and more positive
and  India can be on the TOP list of all positive socio, economic
and political development.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10-15 % Car owners in cities are taking 85% of pedestrians, bus, rickshaw travellers for the ride....

10-15 % Car owners in cities are taking 85%
of pedestrians, bus, rickshaw travellers
 for the ride....

They are impatient and often beat or Kill Rickshaw walas
and Senior Citizens if they are little slow on roads.

They have no threat or fear of Traffic Laws
or police.

Government and Police have no respect for
pedestrians ; they are treatd like criminals.

Even drivers of Big Cars  are behaving like
they are Kings of the cities.

Traffic Police should have a big campaign
against the Traffic law Breakers even if they are
driving BMWs - They should be heavily punished
by heavy fine and imprisonment

If things are not controlled in time ,
I think it will lead to very diffcult civil war situations. Bottled fury of public will
burst any time for unprecedented situation.

Please Read below article of today 3rd april 2011 of THE HINDU
supporting my argument....

Online edition of India's National Newspaper

Sunday, Apr 03, 2011

Andhra Pradesh - Kadapa Printer Friendly Page   Send this Article to a Friend

‘Many road accidents caused by negligence of drivers'
Special Correspondent
KADAPA: Most of the road accidents occur due to negligence of drivers and non-adherence to traffic rules, Pushpagiri School director M. Vivekananda Reddy said on Saturday.
Speaking at a sadassu on “Traffic rules – safety of life,” jointly organised by Pushpagiri Traffic Club and Kadapa Traffic Police on Pushpagiri school premises here, Mr. Reddy said several lives were being lost due to overloaded vehicles meeting with accidents. Stressing the need for improving enforcement of traffic rules by police personnel, he said the department's image was being tarnished as some of them were resorting to taking bribe.
Poster released
Kadapa Traffic Circle Inspector Babu Reddy called upon students to create awareness in society and also tell their elders about traffic safety guidelines. He released a poster and gave a power-point presentation on curbing accidents.
Traffic Sub-Inspector Chandrasekhar administered a pledge to the students that they would follow traffic safety rules.
Later, students of the school, sporting coloured headgears and carrying traffic club flags and placards that read ‘Speed kills, avoid using cell phones while driving,' etc. took out a rally which was flagged off by Traffic Circle Inspectors Balasubramanyam and Babu Reddy, and Mr. Vivekananda Reddy. Traffic policemen led the rally on motorcycles.

Warm Regards
 Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Average IQ (intelligent Quotient) of our Society is going significantly down

Yes we should have a Census survey on IQ and especially that of
youth and children; because they are our future.

Probably we put so much thrust on EQ  (Emotional Quotient)
that we have completely forgotten the importance of IQ.
Our Youth, urban or rural,  is becoming emotionally imbalanced.
Foreigners are force feeding the Jungli and dumb  culture through
our media, films and TV.

To take Right decisions for an individual or society, to differentiate
between good and bad, to foresee long term effect of our actions,
strong Intelligence is required.

A civilization without strong Intellect / intelligence can never prosper..
A civilization who can not sacrifice baser needs for higher can never prosper..

American Society is our Role Model, where the average IQ seems to have
gone so down that it has become completely arrogant, myopic, self serving
and self destructive society.

Mr. Arun Jately , Senior BJP leader spoke on "Aaj ki Adalat" that there are
four pillars of  civilization - Religion , politics,  economics,  Family.

Except So-called Economics behind which our Youth is forced to run after,
Our state , Governments ,Manmohan Singhs and Montek Singhs
have "successfully " destroyed three pillars of civilization namely

Religion , politics,  Family.  (Even Economy is growing "despite of govt",
 "not because of govt "  that is what all our top industrialists say)

So are we pledged as a Slave Nation state to sink our civilization;
to destroy our youth, to destroy our Intelligentsia, 
to destroy our indigenous culture, global clout, social fabric...

with sinking of our our Master Nation United States ??
 What  a "patriotism" to USA.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jairam Ramesh can create maximum number of jobs

Environment Protection and preservation is MOST profitable
long term strategy. It creates long term sustainable tangible
and intangible benefits for all sections of  population.

Maximu Environment Projects can be created and maximum workers
should be alloted to them.

* Irrigation - This will boost agriculture and help farmers from water insecurity.

* Inter-linking of River - This will solve all the problems of water scarcity.

* Prue drinking water - We should get drinkable water in tape water pipeline
as it exists in Europe. This may  kill bottle water  industry. SO BE IT.

* Clean Ganga, Yamuna, all other polluted Areas. Free of pollution.
pollution in water, soil, air - this will  kill pharma  Industry up to great  extent.

* According to Ramdev Swami - we have minerals  - valuing  10,000 Lakh  Crore.
We  are the  Richest  and incomparably  Rich - in natural Resources  and its monetary
* In principle all mines need to be nationalised. Only private people can be leased or
contracted for short period.

* Make Jairam Ramesh SUPER HEAD of all Infrastructure Departments - Roads,
highways, bridges, dams etc.

Present system created by Politician - Corporate Nexus - is going to self destroy
all natural resources.
It is useless, hopeless, whimsical, fanciful and sabotaging and devastating the
nation socially , economically and politically. (At least some one needs to speak
so loud for the common good)

Warm regds
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, March 28, 2011



* When globally political-corporate monopolies has created unjust and unfair system.
* When world over, by the virtue of this very system the gap between Rich and poor
is increasing.
* The gap between Haves and Have not is increasing.
* Rich are suffering from irresponsible mindless artificial abundance, causing
them perpetual insecurity and paranoia whereas Poor are suffering from too
much of deprivation not only materially but in terms of even natural and environmental

This is the right time ......
* to create competition to establishment (which is good for nothing)
 - competition to political and economical establishment.
* To crack down monopolies.
* World citizens should empower micro, small , medium Enterprises ;
they should empower labor.
* Invest (literacy, health care , micro finance) in huge labor force of the
world ; and you will reap off the benefits.
*  THE BOTTOM OF  THE PYRAMID is not only - huge Market
but it is - Huge Human Resources, Huge  Militia to fight socio-political-economically.
* create hawkers' zones
* have due ands balanced protectionism.
*create competition to each establishment - right from shop keeper ,
 industrialist to politician.

USA may be having little more military power  than other super powers;
however economically sick USA  will be definitely worse by its
extra smart intervention in Libya.

Invest in poor , poor countries ..........
Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, March 27, 2011


To make 20 % of Indian population educated up to 12th Standard  in one year, 2012

1> This is possible by creating a system where motivated students can
take up the direct tests to pass out 10th, 12th and up to graduation.

2>  University  should  guide  these  inspired  and motivated
fast  track students briefly or with distance education courses.

3> All the useless activities ( I am not against healthy extra curricular
activities but need of  the hour is to cut the western entertainment
out of the window from curriculum) can be scraped.

4> BIG public campaign to make people study and take degrees
(preferably  direct or distance education)
at all ages, even those who have dropped out before and FUND
heavily the campaign giving scholarships to those who are really needy.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Most  of the Indian people  and youth  do not have idea of
what exactly is  "India  becoming Superpower".......
Either they take it as  a "jingle" or they disbelieve it at heart.

It seems that our TRAITOR Government wants to conceal
the FACTS about Indian power and strength.

1>  FACT  FILE - Economic
Why not Print and Electronic Media - especially economic
and financial Editors publish

Relative data - GDP, GDP rate of growth, PPP, External Debt,
savings rate etc. of different countries
Emerging Markets,
Developed Economies.

2> FACT FILE - Military
Similarly comparative military strength can be published
periodically for the information for common man.

3> FACT FILE - labor
we have 10 Crore domestic workers..
how many industrial workers, agriculture workers, sex workers,
child labor we have? ( I think total is around  60 Crore)

How many people work  in Organized and Unorganized sector?
How many people work in MSMEs (Micro , Small , Medium Enterprises) ?

This is Very important to device inclusively innovative
growth - which is profitable for  ALL - industry , common man, poor. 

4> FACT FILE WEALTH and Income
yes. What is wealth and income distribution of people in India and world?
I am sure we stand very high - in the world. individually and as a nation.  


1> Present TRAITOR Government and Media are stopping all the good ideas from

Russian model,Japanese model, Chinese, BRIC countries models of
economy, manufacturing,work culture, social culture etc.  and
Only bombarding American Models in media  which are of most damaging and destroying sort.

2> Liberalization lead to closure of many textile like  industries , which
created Unemployment, Which in turn went back to agriculture ;
Now government wants to even disestablish them from Agriculture;
by saying that there are too many people in agriculture.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Friday, March 4, 2011

India can grow Faster....(You and Me too...)

If  India has a Asian Vision, South Asian Vision
and India becomes the leader of third world


SUPPORT each other's
Social system , health Education

Let India become consultant for
Infrastructure ,
Information Technology ,
Finacial Services and
innovative RURAL stories of all these 3rd world countries

(The idea of exporting to USA and UK because
of bigger exchange rate is old, no more profitable
or sustainable)

Warm   Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Power by - Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Renewable Sources seems
to be easy in implementation to Enlighten Rural India.
Again made in diversified , distributed and local ways with
small and Medium Enterprises generating power seems to be the KEY

Similarly Water Management by Rain Water Harvesting etc. Methods
by Local MSMEs

(I am not against big projects if there is a real case for the need of big project
by BIG Companies)

Similarly Small and localized Dams , canals , recharged wells etc should
soon make India irrigated.

These simple things are prevented from happening by Ill-Meaning
politician - Corporate Nexus.

So at least now Indians should take the charge , remove  the  corrupt
and criminals from the system  for faster  growth of these Infrastructure
which will further lighten RURAL STORY of India.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, February 28, 2011

The top ten most indebted countries in the world

When you think of the most indebted countries, who do you think of? You probably think of African countries such as Ethiopia, Malawi or Chad.
Those countries are all on the IMF’s list of heavily indebted countries, all places that are struggling under a heavy burden of public debt.
If you add personal and public debt together, both government loans and private loans, credit card debts and mortgages, the results are a little different. The total amount owed to parties outside the country is called ‘external debt’. 

The top ten most indebted countries in the world by external debt looks like this:
(as on 13th February 2009)
  1. United States – $13,703,567 million
  2. United Kingdom – $10,450,000
  3. Germany – $4,489,000
  4. France – $4,396,000
  5. Netherlands – $2,277,000
  6. Ireland – $1,841,000
  7. Japan – $1,492,000
  8. Switzerland – $1,340,000
  9. Belgium – $1,313,000
  10. Spain – $1,313,000

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

India is the fourth largest economy in 2010.

By 2012, it will have overtaken Japan to become the world's third largest economy, with GDP accounting for 5.8% of the world total in PPP terms. In the long term, India could grow even faster than China due to its younger and faster growing population;

PLEASE  READ  following article
which collates information from IMF and its Forums
We are almost on the TOP of the WORLD
why should we get depressed, fight among us,
get misguided by false propaganda by few International
and National anti-Indian  power/economic brokers......

Warm  regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Questions regarding ISRO DEVAS DEAL

Is it an attempt to sell sovereignty of the nation to USA ?

Is it part 2 of Nuclear Agreement (Deal) with USA  to  share  all the  military secrets  with USA?

It is said that this deal had back up of USA senators and Administration ; so was Devas just a
front face and real beneficiary was Washington ?

Manmohan singh's Government and Mr. Prime Minister himself are quite  slaves to USA;
so who allowed it to happen?

With Nuke Deal and ISRO DEVAS Deal are we selling our sovereignty to USA?

ISRO-DEVAS deal is scapped but how many other secret deals are signed
by Mr. Manmohan Singh's government?

Mr. Manmohan singh seems to be  INTELLECTUALLY CORRUPT.

Manmohan Singh seems to hate India's freedom and only loves USA.

Manmohan Singh hates India to be called as superpower and he tried
since many years  to delay the nation becoming Super Power.

May be his plan is to destroy  India  and  give  maximum benefit  to sinking USA
before he is out of power.

Even Indian Stock Market  is  hammered down by USA  and  its Agents 
(Foreign Analyst and Experts) by propagating false propaganda that USA
is recovering ; Emerging Markets are loosing shine and especially
India is full of corruption, inflation etc.
Warm  Regards
Bankim Shah

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Divide between good Americans and Bad Americans.

Since many economic, social policies  and foreign policies of USA
are damaging USA itself and the world at large;

We should create world opinion and involve well-meaning political, social, civil society, media - interest groups within USA to pressurize US Administration to take corrective steps for USA
and for the world.

Gandhiji did the same by creating world opinion against
imperialist , Unjust and exploitative British Rule over
India and other colonial countries.

The well meaning American is supposed to be against corrupt
corporate , corrupt MNCs, crony capitalism which is making common
US citizen unemployed, miserable and poor day by day.

Indian Government headed by Manmohan singh will never take this
initiative. But social organizations, civil society, NGOs can take the initiative;
push the issues at world forums (inter governmental organizations) like
WTO, UN, IMF, World Bank , SAARC, ASIAN, G-20 etc.

America is trying to make false propaganda that USA economy
is improving and US  stock market can attract FIIs...

However for the "SWEETS OF FIIs - foreign fund money "
will act as a poison to Sick Economy of USA and both USA
and Investors will lose out. USA will be exposed again
with all the more weakness in economy then it showed in 2008.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Why not officially declare this year 2011 as a Patriotism Year.

* Let Film and  TV  Serial makers  make  patriotic  films and  serials.

* Let  News media focus on patriotic stories.

* Let  our  ill-informed  youth  and  people at large  get knowledge
about glory of our history, mythology, freedom fighters, great  rulers,
saints, intellectuals .

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Income Tax department should raid ....................

Income Tax department should raid Real Estate Agents /Brokers.
Income Tax department should raid those  who spend lavishly on marriages.

From one of the Real estate deal websites, I could find that number of estate
agents (this is only who are formally registered on the website) in Mumbai
are 4000.

If these brokers are making 5 lacs Rupees on average and not paying income tax
it will be 20000 lacs i.e. 200 Crore Rupees of unaccounted money.


Similarly a business of marriage in India is 1.1 lac Crore,
10% of union budget.

Jewellery business (due to marriage ) is 75 000  crore,
 Mehndi is  5000 Crore ,
Mandap (pandal)/hotel rooms is around 10,000 Crore.
Now all these agencies especially those connected
with big and grand marriages need Income Tax check.

Income Tax Department can really do something worthwhile
rather than penelising regular taxpayers who find rewgular returns.

Warm Regard
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, January 30, 2011


One of the major  root cause of  Corruption, Recession, difference between
Rich and poor and various injustices  in the world  is  "MONOPOLY"

Monopolies with Merits can be tolerated ;

but states should not further sponsor monopolies
by giving gigantic incentives (land , loans, legal framework ) to corporates.

Instead state should create balance of power
by creating competition.

UN, WTO, G-8,G-20,  IMF, World Bank - all these institutes who created monopolies now can decide and create due and needful competition.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tourism Industry - Urgently Needs ; Nationalization and Regulations

Like Other Industries, Private Players like Hoteliers, Tour Operators,
Agents etc.  in Tourism and Travel Industry - These  private players

* have taken all the incentives from NDA and UPA governments
but have not pro actively followed the guidelines and directives of the
Tourism Ministry.

*  This is one of the fastest growing Industry with a major employment
generation but Consumers (tourists) and employees are losers and exploited,
almost looted, whereas Tour Business Men are beneficiary.

There is lot of BLACK MONEY involved in this. Payments given to
Tour and travel companies, hoteliers are unaccounted.

* Tourism Ministry is like a Tooth less Tiger like other Ministries till
they are alarmed by public cry and civil society activism.

*Private Tour Operators are taking Consumers - Tourists for granted.

* They are pleasing and bailing out foreign tourists at the cost of
domestic tourists.

* The Customer Protection laws  , Consumer Awareness are not working.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Investigating a co-relation between Marriage Celebrations and Price hike in vegetables.

Marriage Celebrations is a big (regressive) business worth 8-10% (One lac Crore p.a. ) of Indian GDP

In the month of January , there were lot of marriages through out India.
This also includes lavish  marriage of the son of Mr. Nitin Gadkari,  BJP President.
Is there any direct or indirect relation between price hike, inflation and conspicuous
consumption and expensive marriages by Indian Rich and Upper middle class
(burzwas) ?

* Even if 77% of Indians are having disposable income of Re 20 per day; party
goes on. ( if someone disagrees with 77% it is surely more than 55%)

* Not only page 3 culture, corporate, politicians, bureaucrats who think ,it
is their right to celebrate lavishly ; but also lower middle class brides and grooms
( "well-educated") think that it is their duty to celebrate their marriages lavishly.

* Thanks to our "empowered", "Independent " and  "educated" women power who is so much interested and focused on enjoying "sangeet" and "Mehndi" rather than focusing on
finding long term ideal life partner. Contrary to this, there was a news from USA , that
American brides are  cutting their wedding costs.
I think as  a  man  I would find  American  woman far  better and marriageable than Indian women.

* These girls hate patriotic, idealistic and responsible guys who used to be Heroes
at the time of independence; which is why hardly any freedom fighter was single.

* Same is the case with everyday disco, page 3, business parties.

*  Where are politicians like  Mrs.  Indira  Gandhi who would  set an  example
of austerity in her  Son Rajeev Gandhi's marriage.  It  was she who gave away
all  her jewelery in Indo-Pak war. There are many like these. But we think these
people are out of fashion.

* When Obama , having simple and small personal wealth of around 25 crore Indian Rupees, praises Mahatma Gandhi , suddenly our Indian Americans , politicians and youth "have to agree"with Uncle Sam. Otherwise Gandhiji is almost  officially  "Not applicable" , "Not  sensible",
"Not contemporaneous" model.

 *  When China and other Asian countries can retain their Easternness and Asian-ness why  common Indian  is  tortured to accept westernness by foreigners like  Soniyas and  Manmohan  singhs.

*Please  read information from following website

Bankim Shah

The Flourishing Indian Wedding Industry
An Indian wedding entails tremendous business opportunity

.(......................following details are from website....
The Indian Wedding Industry
Currently, the Indian wedding industry is over Rs 100,000 crore and is growing at 25 to 30 per cent annually. The estimated cost of a wedding with no expenses spared could be between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 5 crore, in India.

The wedding market in India
  • No. of Indian marriages in a year: Approx 1,00,00,000
  • Indian wedding market worth: Rs 100,000 to Rs 110,000 crore
  • Gold and diamond jewellery market worth: Rs 60,000 crore
  • Apparel market (wedding) worth: Rs 10,000 crore
  • Durable goods market worth: Rs 30,000 crore
  • Hotel and other wedding related market worth: Rs 5,000 crore market
  • Pandal and venue decoration market: Worth Rs 10,000 crore
  • Favorite honeymoon destinations: Goa, Jaipur and Udaipur
  • Goa wedding cost: Between Rs 1 crore to 1.5 crore
  • Jaipur wedding cost: 1 to 2 crore
  • Wedding cost in metropolitan cities: Between Rs 25 lakh to 70 lakh
  • Wedding invitation card market : Worth Rs 10,000 crore annual
  • Bridal Mehendi market in India: Worth Rs 5000 crore

Item-wise expenses on Indian weddings
  • Dinner cost: Rs 700 to 1000 per person
  • Pandal decoration cost: Rs 10,000
  • Bridal designer saree/lenhga cost: Between Rs 10,000 to 50,000
  • Designer shervani cost: Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000
  • Wedding invite cost: Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per card
  • Bridal make up cost: Between Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000
  • Bridal Mehndi cost: Between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000

With each passing year, Indian weddings are getting bigger and better offering lucrative business opportunity to players involved. Giving up the basic traditional look, the Indian weddings are donning a more corporate look, these days.

Currently, the country has a population of around 1.25 billion and considering an average family with five members, there are around 250million families in India. With about one marriage per family every 20 years, the country averages roughly 10 million marriages every year. An average 30 to 40 grams of gold is spent in every marriage across the country, thus the total consumption of gold comes between 300 to 400 tonmes annually.

It is also expected, the per capita income will be tripled in a couple of decades and the per capita consumption of gold during weddings or otherwise will increase. With half of India’s population being under 29 years of age, the marriage market is set to boom like never before over the next five to ten years.

If we take the above figures, it means the Indian marriage market is around Rs 1 lakh crore to Rs 300,000 crore annually, if one crore marriages are solemnized in the country annually.

A person, in India, spends one fifth of the wealth accumulated in a lifetime on a wedding ceremony. That means, a tremendous opportunity for retailers to capitalise on.


 Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah
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