Thursday, December 30, 2010


Union Health Ministry  of  India  declared  that  Cigarette companies  have to
show picture warning showing diseased patient on Cigarette  packets.

This is done in many countries recently as anti - Smoking campaigns.
May be this started with a very successful anti - addiction (anti-smoking )
campaign in USA , leaving hardly any smokers in USA in recent years.

Being SURE about the result  that  most of the people  will  leave smoking ;
Godfrey Phillips and ITC stopped the production of cigarette Units.

Contrary to become happy about the outcome,  Union  health Ministry  withdrew
the decision and diluted the compliance  by saying they have to  show pictorial warning
once in the 2 years.

The argument of government is that suddenly employees of the cigarette companies
 will become unemployed!!!!! lol ! actually Ministry should be happy and should have Plan B, PLAN C, PLAN D to rehabilitate employees of cigarette companies etc.

When Government wants to set up SEZ, it displaces many villages without any
delay. Was there collusion (match fixing) between Cigarette companies and health ministry.
Was the Order was just there to threaten the companies and make under table "deal"

Anyways I have better plan, Why not Religious NGOs , take it up, raise the funds from public and private sponsors for the campaign - have banners / rally of pictorial warning in all Metros, cities, villages.


In past Many religious NGOs had made Anti-diabetic campaigns in Big Metros and Cities;
Today diabetes is again becoming a threat too India
due to lack of health awareness ; there is a need to Re-campaign anti-diabetic campaign nationa-wide.
Mr. Bankim Shah

We need Public Sector Hotels

* To give poor and common men
a healthy, balanced - nutritious (with dal , vegetables, chapati etc.), reasonably priced meals and snacks

* This will reduce cost of Cooked Food.

* Many Government Agencies right from FCI, Agricultural ministries
 to retail public sector hotels can reduce the confusion of
"Food security demand -supply mismatch" and other problems

*  All the advantages of standardizations and socializations
in supply channels  - right from farmers  to  consumer  will be available.

* This would be  one of the quantum leap towards  fighting food inflation,
poverty,  hunger and mal-nutrition.

* This will generate lot of employment

* Regarding private hotels , they were allowed to earn as much as their
10 generations can live ; so why bother for their unemployment ?


Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Case Against America (USA)

* USA is not only imperialist but a great threat to the world ; as Germany was
just before Second World War.

* America is not just imperialist but Mother of all evil.
* Mother of terrorism and Weapon trade
* Destroyer of environment - Destroyer of Mother earth
* Destroyer  of  all cultures of nations
* Destroyer of sovereignties of nations
* Destroyer of freedom and self respect of common global citizen
by suppressing them by  Market  forces, imperialism and  American $'s  artificial strength.

* USA has destroyed deliberately lifestyles, cultures, food habits,health, looks marriage, family
 and other social structure,
* America is a  Monstrous State  like that of Ravan's Lanka which
has artificially spreading - consumerism, crony capitalism, GM  Food etc.

* Taking charge of finance / money of the world thro IMF, WTO, World Bank
and manipulating these world organizations (especially  IMF and  World Bank)
against all nations and for selfish petty interests of USA

A  Case Against American Indians

Most of the American Indians who suddenly become patriotic to USA
in last 15 years and criticized India as no Bangladeshi, Nepali or Ethiopian
would do to their own country.

These (most of them) traitors
who still can not achieve anything in India , suddenly are welcomed and elevated
in their status in USA by paying 25 lacs - 50 lacs to US Economy ;
just so that they become Mole, an agent who work for  US Interests
and loot all kind of   national  resources  including human resources  of their
mother land, to fool their spiritual and emotional brothers India and
for their petty self interests, satisfy pseudo ego, so that people suddenly
respect those anti-social elements and give the best brides to their sons,
and then they can go further by insulting, torturing, traumatizing  THE  TALENTED
THE MERITOCRATIC contributor youth  in India, which is unmarried or ill-married .

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Thursday, December 16, 2010


MNC Pharmaceutical  Companies and  Local doctors  and those who  are  in hospitality
businesses   in nexus with Municipal corporations  of METROs   and big cities..
*** are  creating and spreading diseases to fuel their profits .

1>  Spread diseases
diseases like dengue, malaria and chicken-guinea.- artificially by dirty surroundings and creating mosquito's

2> They see to it that preventive measures or mass corrective public measures are not taken.

3> Mass Awareness Campaigns are not implemented by Municipalities. People
who spread awareness are removed brutally.

4> Doctors are tight-lipped and just give medicines on prolong and regular basis.

one can find many articles on internet to substantiate negligence
by public bodies to easily prevent such diseases.
Warm regards
Bankim Shah
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.