Thursday, August 19, 2010

Train Youth in Social Sciences

To create  leaders which are in scarce ...
To train young politicians to be professional ........
To fight corruption....
Hence to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment and illiteracy......

Train  youth  in  Social Sciences 
rather than stereotype doctor, engineer, MBAs

Inject the knowledge of following subjects , right
from the primary  school levels to  post graduation

*World History, World Geography, World politics
*Religions and philosophies
*Astrology, astronomy, Mathematics
* Political science, foreign policy, International
and public Finance.
* LEGAL : National law and International laws, WTO  laws, EU laws, UN Laws, World bank, IMF, WHO laws, War Laws, International courts laws.
* Environment
* Sociology
* Local government, public policies

This will make India Super Power with super trained Youth Leaders

Bankim Shah

Monday, August 9, 2010

Public Sector, in totality, can expand , make huge profits , give employment to Crores of people on its own

Public Sector, in totality,  can expand , make huge profits , give employment  to Crores  of people on its own ; without any government help/package or bail out package.....(This is true world wide)

*  All it requires  is to remove all - right from corrupt ministers to corrupt  officials -  who
wants to destroy public sector ; and prosper themselves and
prosper private sector.

*  Plus all well meaning politicians can  pick up the  best of the talents from
private sector at premium salaries and remuneration.  These is how private
sector companies  like Reliance have done in past and snatched away talents
of public Sector ,the talent which got nourished by then public sector.

Fine Economy

I have written about this before and just repeating.
In Dubai there are no taxes and all the revenue for the government
comes from Fines - punishment money from law breakers.

We can also Fine lawbreakers and generate government Revenues.
e.g. (1) Fine on spitting in public places (2) breaking traffic rules
- this can be done by using CCTV cameras (3) Public smoking
(4) chewing gums (5) destroying public properties (6) damaging
tourist places etc.

Plus all the defaulters of excise duty, Custom duty, Sales tax ;
defaulters of nationalized banks should be forced to pay their
Fast track courts should be set up to auction their attached properties
and fulfill their dues and liabilities.

Warm  Regards
 Bankim Shah

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Donation Economy is much much more than corruption economy.

Do not  worry about Corruption !!
Donation Economy is much much more than corruption economy.

According to Transparency International , India has 84th rank out of 180 countries
(lower the rank, lower the corruption). China's rank is 79th.

According to World Bank, developing country like India has a black money
(corruption money) deals are worth 4 lacs Crore. This includes  estimated  election
corruption of 2.5 lacs Crore.

Now if we think total corrupt money economy of 4 lacs Crore;
and divide it by 120 Crore Indians.
Corruption economy per head (per capita) comes out := 3333 Rs.

Now can not we think that - amount of donations for charity, religious,
social, festivals purposes, Sewa (Service) and Shrama dana (charitable labor) ,

i.e. in cash and kind, in tangible and intangible ways
is  (charity or philanthropy)  more than 3333 ?

Every Indian is intrinsically spiritual; so knowingly or unknowingly
 he/she must be contributing more than Rs 3333 to society and nation apart
from wages or remuneration he deserves and gets .

This holds true in other countries also. No need to panic
about corruption.

Because there are as much positive forces
of money flow - call it " Golden money" or "Divine  Money"
against the flow of "Black money" or "Monster money", in any
country of the world at given point of time.

Having said that I never meant to say that we should not fight corruption
but on the contrary we ALL can fight corruption in planned , informed and
collective way , within India and worldwide.

Tip to fight corruption in India :

1>  Since  all the public enforcement agencies  (including police force, CRPF and  tax
officers) are less in number i.e. Understaffed,
Use Technology -
e.g. Everyday Truck drivers are paying bribes worth 500 Crores to police
and toll tax mans. Why not make the payment or passage by automated machine?
(This data is from article "Bharat ma bhrastachar" of Political Editor Mr. Ajay Umat ,
 from Gujarati newspaper Divya Bhaskar , Sunday, 8th August 2010)

2> Handsome Incentives to whistle blowers and "khabaris" (Informers).
we have many smart educated unemployed. They can be motivated to
fight corruption. 

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Government is destroying Government Companies

Government Ministers , bureaucrats and Government  Officers - Top Bosses
of  Public Sector Units (PSUs )  ;

are all set to destroy PSUs, their quality, their markets.

This they are doing to favor (in corrupt way) their Private counterparts so that
when in next elections ; when public throw them out, they have enough
corrupt money they have got from their Private Player God Fathers.

Also they can prove that "Public Sector is inefficient and Privatization is necessary"

Government is not serious about Fiscal Deficit.

All the defaulters of  CBDT, Sales Tax, Excise, Custom are set Free.

All Enforcement agencies (even armed forces- police, para military)
are understaffed and only used up in serving political purposes.

Who will do their supposedly   regular job - execution of
* protecting people
* punishing culprits ??

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.