Saturday, March 20, 2010

Muslim Goshala

Normally we think that only Hindu institutions take care of cows and have Goshalas. But In Rajasthan, on Jodhpur-Badmer road, one can find the board of "Muslim Goshala", which is run by an institution named "Marwar muslim education and welfare".

120 cows are fully taken care of by Mr. Mohammad Atik who manages the Goshala. They give shelter to deserted cows and give medicines to even diseased cows of neighboring villages. They have appointed Muslim Veternity doctor Sri Afatab. All the care takers are Muslims.

Suggestion of Mr. Atik : if our Government contributes 1% of taxes for cows , the problem of cow-care in India will be solved. 
(courtesy : Gujarati periodical Suvichar March 2010, Sadvichar Parivar publication)

Monday, March 8, 2010


This article is inspired by cow-katha of shri Gopal Mani Maharaj on Aashtha Channel.

Any devotee of  Lord  Krishna should donate , nurture , contribute with his best capacities to the cause of cows.
There are many deserted cows especially in drought prone regions of  Rajasthan. So many cows are slaughtered each day in the country of Lord Krishna.

We should give away the perfect logic and rational fundamentalism for a while and stand for the cause of cows at least for few months.

Drink Cow milk, Cow Ghee, Panch-Gavya. Create Energy, CNG, Power from 'Gobar' gas for cooking. Get back to much coveted Cow (Ox) based natural organic farming. 
Cow dung and Cow Urine be our Organic manure and Organic pesticides for bumper farm yield.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Values - Safety Nets - sleaze Babas - Women empowerment

Swami Vivekananda has said one sentence of the meaning that " If  person on path of  Dharma is committing 1000 mistakes; a person who is not on the path of religion , will commit 50,000 mistakes!!!"

Those who misuse Globalization ,Privatization, liberalization and imperialism for their selfish interests, systematically and subtly destroyed the family values , relation between husband and wife, relation between parents and children. Concept of Family also can be extended to nationalism based on religion, culture or national language.

Strong family was a Safety Net. 

It is nature,  It is nature, It is nature,
not government or dictator, 
which has made a man and a woman in a particular way which are  different in many ways and similar in many ways.  

Family was  a  unit  to give  physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, cultural, community, national  support to the a man , wife, children and senior citizens.  Even joint  family systems had less  disadvantages and endless advantages. It is not joint family members who created problems, but it is society's and politicians' irresponsibility to acknowledge criminals and corrupt and punish them, has created problem.

Family is not only Indian or Eastern concept; all religion, even nomadic tribes, all culture across the globe supports the family values and concept in essence. I do not mean they we should not grow and progress but progress with values which is backbone.

As far as sleaze Babas like Bhimanand are concerned; in ancient rishi culture all Rishis were married, we have to distinguish between sanyasi and non-sanyasi traditions. I don't think sex and better if  marriage, is so bad with sadhus and saints but to have sex rackets and manipulation is criminal, unethical and law of the land will take care of them. 
Rishi Vishwamitra was allured by Menaka, Muni parashar had out of marriage relation with satyavati and the result was great Ved Vyas. There are 100s of stories. It is only Indian culture which takes the sex naturally without any fuss.

Women are already over empowered by laws and all women - from elite class to middle class who are decision makers have already destroyed our country more than any other reason. Now Mr. PM Manmohan Singh wants a final stroke - Women reservation bill.
Man are not supported since childhood school to multinational companies who employ women because they are submissive. Women are subconsciously taught  ( like  terrorists)  by the market to  sell their womanhood  and  be "superior" to men.

I have seen all "career women" of  late generations ( not all career women) who have almost destroyed their family lives. Their careers and finances are also going down. Career women and single women are even more exploited by everyone , right from parents , relatives to society.  If women are so good in their career they should be able to carry on with their family and husbands and the divorce rates in India would not be 51-55% and in Mumbai like city it is 75%. Are 75% guys of late generations not marriageable??

If family is saved, first and foremost  quality of life, health, wealth of  husband and wife  will be improved. Sexual Affairs will be 50 times less ( see Swami Vivekananda's quote above). There will be less abortions, less child labor, less unemployed youth, less old age homes, less evils in society, less frustrations.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Letter to my Non-Vegetarian Brothers

* Do not eat animals for taste , if at all , it should only for food needs.

* Have Vegetarian food if the area you live in , has plenty of it. 

* Do not kill animals for beatifying yourself or for sex power.

* Do not eat animals who are kept in artificial conditions and cut by machines. They should be kept in natural habitat and well taken care of.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Innovation Economics and Innovation Politics

Mr. Narayan Murthy, Chief mentor of  Infosys ,once said that "Technology is the best equalizer". He gave an example of the ATM Machines where rich and poor both stand in the same queue.

If no big political reforms are taking place because of lack of political will, or if the 80% of the poor in India do not find any ray of hope for the progress; at least technological innovations will change the power equations as always had been the case in history. Industrial revolution made the European counties to rule the world. IT revolution gave recognition to Indian students, Indian intelligentsia and India as never before.

I propose many ideas - they have wings of imagination, logic, possibilities.

1> Let us have reality shows promoting technological innovations, separate channels for innovations.

2> Solar panels like Television antenna can be with every house hold , this will be a major source of his electricity consumptions. Already there are similar products in market, not marketed well.
Government is least bothered to market them. 

3> Electricity from earth magnetic field. electricity from motion of pavement dwellers on roads and bridge dwellers on bridges.

4> Food technologies - (not Genetic Modified ones) - like food storage , distribution, high yield etc.

5> Education technologies - to spread education with new media in remotest parts of the country.

6> Cars which run on water. This kind of research is already going on in India i.e. to run car on water.

7> Sturdy cars for rough rural roads. Instead of waiting for Mr. Kamal Nath , Minister for roads and highways, to build rural roads, why can not we have sturdy LCV vans giving public transport to rural areas.

Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.