Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bottom of Pyramid - consumer products and employment for unskilled labor

When 83 Crore people of Indian population is living below 20 rupees a day ; 

those industrialists, businessmen, new entrepreneurs and Policy makers in Government who believe in the "Bottom of Pyramid" theory; should try to produce ....

1> consumer products, health products, food products, cloths, housing, hotels, entertainment,  social schemes, banking products, loans,  tax incentives  etc which suit the need of this big majority - namely -83 Crore people of Indian population is living below 20 rupees a day.

2> Also government needs to plan employment for these people who can be expected to have least skills or at the most some semi-skills.  

If  this lot can not be prosperous with the help of suitable employment , their purchasing power will not grow. plus if they do not have cheap and useful products which which add value to their life; we should be sure that -
we do not have economists , marketing professionals and sociologists but bunch of traitors who are selling the whole country to MNCs and make tall talk of about progress.

If purchasing power and life style of people rises, our GDP and economy will rise in sustainable way.

Why not we have a public Sector Indian chains of hotels worldwide like McDonalds, serving delicious Indian food and giving lot of employment to many Indians who are unskilled.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bharat Swabhiman : Our sovereignty is dependent on our identity

If a cub of lion tries to pretend that it is elephant; if baby horse pretends to be a fox,  if baby cow pretends to behave like deer; it will be not only hillarious but create lot of  imbalance in its personality and destroy the species.

Similarly we are about to lose our sovereignty for the country and identity of our culture by giving in to the western culture totally. Right from Swami Vivekananda, Sri Arbindo , Mahatma Gandhi to Yoga Guru Ramadev Swami have proclaimed that if you let western
 culture to capture your youth, our nation will be destroyed.

As far as so called progress and economic prosperity is concerned, 
as per Ramdev baba, the % of poor people is increased from 10% to 70% in last 63 years of independence. At the time of independence 3 crore people out of 33 crore were below poverty line. whereas right now (2007 data) 83 crore out of 115 crore people live below 20 Rs a day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corruption control and Revenue to Government using technology

When I was on my Dubai pleasure trip, I saw hidden cameras, CCTV or similar technologies used on roads to collect fines from those who break traffic laws. In Dubai , since there are no taxes levied, no book keeping accounting records kept, Monarchical Government has no other revenue source except Fines. And still the government is earning more than enough to have the Dubai developed the way it is.

Of course we may not have draconian rules like other countries, surely we can have CCTV, hidden cameras at 

* Roads, specially highways and main roads to punish and fine the lawbreakers of traffic laws.

Government offices, especially Income tax, sales tax, custom offices, excise offices.

* Nationalized Banks and Post offices.

*  Places where hostile and injurious workplaces can be found.

* Government Ministries, departments, offices of bureaucrats.

* Supreme courts , High courts, district courts, small causes courts.

*  Private sectors also if corrupt and give bribes to government  offices should be punished.

* Hidden cameras can be used to find exploitation of child labor, labor, ingredients in chemical factories, pharmaceutical products, food articles etc.

Monday, February 15, 2010



*  Eradicate Child labor - around 5.5 to 6 Crore children in India are child labor. They are one of the major root causes of unemployment in unskilled youth of employable and marriageable age.

Also child labor leads to illiterate young India which will be a disaster in future.
Government should employ police to pick up child labor and rehabilitate , refuge them with the help of NGOs , government bodies etc. All it requires is a political will. 

* Senior Citizens aspiring for "lucrative careers" are disaster for the country. 
These are senior citizens who hardly did anything in their youth, always exploited nation, society, systems, youth and children. Most of them are anti-national and traitors and unmotivated youth by brainwashing them against the country, asking them to go abroad, exploiting youth with their power and positions, exploiting youth emotionally, intellectually, spiritually etc. 

Beware of these old people. Reduce the retirement age of these lot. Why do they need position, chair and official career? why can not they sit at home and serve the society and nation as traditionally senior citizens used to do. (these are only 10% elite class lot amongst rest 90% senior citizens in the country being in miserable state of life). 

They consume highest , enjoy alcohol, women, unhealthy and costly food and feasts, they regularly travel abroad for pleasure trips, all these at other's cost. They are  burden on the nations. They  don't have tensions to marry or  grow up children anymore. They keep on creating mess  as their hobby.

*  Careerism  - an evil bigger than Multinational companies :
Career is a new concept. Traditionally people used to have job (working for someone - working under someone) , business, goverment job or office, factories, profession, artistic persuits.. and so on.. 
But however "career"  is the most irresponsible type of occupations which have become popular in market. These "careers" are eating away the society, nation, businesses etc. Anyone who is genuine from industrialist to worker, from politicians to political worker, from God man to housewife - all have to face this big racket , biggest corruption of "Careerism".

Career means the classical way to escape from the full responsibility to task, people, society and nation  and  safeguard one's small , selfish interest in defined way by market.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facilitate Mass Fasting for holy, spiritual, national, social cause

Many Religious social and Religious political leaders like Gandhji, Madan Mohan Malavia, Vinoba Bhave ,Ex PM Lal Bahadoor Sashtri not only used to practice fast themselves but also propagated mass fasting in public.

 Benefits of  spreading Mass - Fasting on holy days like  Ekadasi etc.

* collective Spiritual practice
* Saving  of  food - economical good.

* Benefits of collective cooking for  simple food.
* spreads awareness, builds Unity , nationalism, sense of community in people

Sunday, February 7, 2010


If  American President Obama wishes more Sino American Trade so that cheap Chinese goods can support falling economy of America; why can not we make best out of cheap China goods for poor Indians ?

Instead of outsourcing our talented youth as cheap labor abroad, we should focus more on in-sourcing cheap essential commodities, cheap goods  and services  from  Asia , West Asia, Europe. 

Balancing between protecting Indian industries by levying anti-dumping duties and giving domestic industries a fair competition by International goods and services is necessary in the interest of Indian consumer. The basic idea of WTO is somewhat like this - free and fair  trade - flow of  goods, services and manpower across the globe.

Export Dichotomy :- Real Exporters vs. Fake Exporters

In Budget released on February 2010, government needs to stop bailing out and stop giving stimulus to those export industries which are destroying the country. BPOs, KPOs, Software etc service sectors are wasting our talented manpower (worth billions of rupees) at throw away prices by outsourcing. Instead we should help real exporters like traders of textiles, consumer goods etc who are real long term players and do not ask for any incentives, tax holidays, SEZs, bail outs.

We have so much trading , business, industrious opportunity with counties where our Governments have not focused. Still private sectors have done wonders in this not favored countries and not favored industries. 

Beware of those in Government and Private sector who only drag the country and its resources and chunk of budgetary allocations to improve  business with USA and UK ( and with not even other European countries). These people are destroying the country. They are traitors.  
The  real business, trade, market opportunities are with  BRIC countries, over populated countries, UAE, South Asian, African, Latin American countries.

Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.