Friday, January 22, 2010

Who should Rule India ?

Are we not realizing that the country which is boasting to be super power is ruled by misfit rulers? Strong economy can only be a factor to the prosperity of the nation; but certainly it can not make the country powerful in any way.  
When foreign evaders came and took over Indian land, we were the richest of all nations. "Dal Dal pe Sone ki chidiya karti hai basera". But we were looted by foreigners and all our wealth was looted out to other colonial countries.

Are we heading for the same situation where the whole country is outsourced to work as per the blue print of USA ?,
not because our countrymen are anyway less patriotic;
not because our military force is not strong;
not because our industrialists are willing to sell the country;
but our politicians at the top are Economists and not statesmen.
The bottleneck is at the top of the bottle. 

A statesman needs to be - really good in History, foreign policy and strategic international relations. He should understand the concepts like "Balance power".

He should be ambitious like Mr. Winston Churchill to make his country rule the whole world. He should be tough in decisions when it comes to show our military metal like Sardar Patel did. He needs to be sensitive to the problems of common people like Gandhiji was,
he should understand the people's pulse like Indira Gandhi or Nehruji. 

He should be proud of the country. He should be patriotic. He should be one amongst the countrymen who has lived with them in their good and bad weathers. There is no room in politics for international bureaucrats who when become old, come back to the country,  and get good posts as retired benefit schemes.
Why Shashi tharoor is Pardoned again and again? Why do people who oppose Nehru, Indira Gandhi are easily getting to join their very political party?  They are traitors in congress and traitors in country.  Manmohan Singhs, Montek singh Ahaluwalias, Shashi Tharoors  should start their own party and try to win elections, if they want their way.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Price Hike control - Healthy Diet and Nutrition - Welfare for All

One must be wondering how can price hike can not only be curbed but can be put to best use to start off healthy life style and thriving equality and welfare for poor and rich, all of them.

This is practically possible. 
* Why do prices of  Tur Dal is so high? This  is because of high demand in urban areas, especially in North. Medically we should eat all the dals (pulses) - Urad, mung, massoor and all other kind of pulses which are regional and seasonal. This is ideally good for health. Also the average price of pulses in an individual's kitty will go down significantly. It also has to do with crop growing by farmers and Government giving support price for selective crops. Government should encourage farmers to grow bio-diversified crops which are naturally growing in that land. 

* Similarly instead  of only eating rice and wheat , people should eat all kind of seasonal grains - jowar, bajra, nachani etc which are natural crops in the region. This makes the average price of food down. This makes the food highly nutritious including all required micro nutrients, vitamins, food suppliments. 

* Also when food prices come down, poor who can eat only few category of cheap food articles can buy and eat variety of other food articles, so his basket of food will rise.

*  The Rich will not die out of having all heavy foods - heavy grains, pulses and will not only survive more but remain healthy.

* Fruits and vegetables  also should be grown  and eaten- regional and seasonal -  with average price coming down by all. You can see in vegetable market - many healthy fruits and vegetables are still relatively cheap - spinach, all kind of regional and seasonal leafy vegetables, lauki  (Ramdev baba  favorite), pumpkins, vegetables which grow inside ground, cabbage, in fruits - orange, mausambi, bananas , regional and seasonal berries, guava, awala - most of these  are most rich in  ingredients. 

Summarise Thumb Rules :
1> Eat natural , seasonal, regional vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains, spices. (transportation and preservation cost is less)

2>  All kind of diversified pulses, all kind of diversified grains, all kind of diversified fruits and vegetables - which are regional and seasonal - should be eaten. Abstain buying only 20-30 % of costly fruits and vegetables like apples, peas, tindli etc.

3> Average price will come down and overall nutrition will go up.
4> Market supply will be adjusting to demand. Rich can eat healthy food. Poor can eat all kind of fruit. Rich can eat lighter food. Poor can eat heavier food. Both are saved and both prosper.

5> Government should reform support price mechanism and encourage farmers to grow regional, seasonal ,naturally fit for the land, diversified food articles.

6> Shift from globalization to localization in agriculture.
 7> of course most talked about debates like stopping commodity exchanges, improve quality and yield of agricultural output by organic farming,  removing black marketing, unfair trade practices etc are also to be discussed at length.

Monday, January 11, 2010

International NGOs are looting our country

Without giving names I would like to highlight certain male-practices practiced by International NGOs.

1> They just take up some issues of public domain, make seminars , conferences and  campaigns. These they mention as their activities and cause. But they are not dedicated to these cause for a long time. In return, they market themselves to general public and corporate and collect lot of money. For Example Bhopal Gas Tragedy was taken as a cause by some NGOs which they did not pursue for a long time . 

This irresponsible fund raising is like
* Media campaign without being responsible as media.

* politicians without being responsible as politicians.
* irresponsible anti-social elements fund raising for natural calamities without proper identities and looting innocent people.

2> What % of money really goes for the cause and what % of money is spent in staff? People at the higher level of hierarchy  using most of these money of the common men in their handsome and most coveted salary, international  seminar tours etc.

3> They totally suppress local NGOs. Somehow local governments, MPs, MLAs, powerful Media support big fat International NGOs and let local NGOs, who are doing the work on ground, die.

4> These NGOs are with sophisticated staff, influential in media and take advantage of the myth "Whoever is  English speaking is a holy cow, efficient, genuine"

5> They take signature of the donor on ECS mandate form of RBI ; and keep withdrawing money for more number of periods than it is agreed or permitted by donor. They do not reply to donors if they complain for excess ECS  withdrawals. 

So INGOs (International NGOs ) are killing our local voluntary organizations, and looting our country,  the way Multi National Companies are killing our local small enterprises and looting the country to slavery.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Women Empowerment is a threat to national security!!!

No it is not about women reservation Bill, neither against genuine empowerment of women in society. But this is about artificial and selective empowerment of elite class, 'educated' , English speaking women by Multi national companies,NGOs, corporate etc. Anti-Indian bodies.
This is a trend that pro-American, Pro-West heads of institutions, corporates, MNCs prefer women employees against men employees in India. This is simple because these women are hardworking, impressionable, vulnerable, take less wages, work loyally for America and Pro-American Establishments with little bit of appreciation. These naive women do not question their Pro-American bosses. They do not see whether work they do is helping or harming the interest of the society and nation at large. 

They are so much pampered and flattered about their work performance that they feel the men counter part are inefficient and not hard working. This creates many destructive phenomenon for the nation. Many deserving men are left unemployed whose places are filled with not so deserving women who are ready to compromise and take the orders of Pro-American bosses blindly. 

The whole system, institutions, corporates are filled with India-haters an pro-American people. This is like a problem of child labor which makes child suffer and the youth which was deserving for the job given to child , also is left unemployed.

There are few Men also who are also ready to compromise they are also absorbed.

So empowerment of traitor women force is an intelligent new way by imperialism. Thanks to English media which will be knowingly or unknowingly be instrument to spread all these 'women empowerment'.

So the rules are simple whoever opposes Pro-American bosses will be thrown out of the system like Former foreign minister Natwar Singh was , and will be declared inefficient, incompetent and failure. If you obey the orders of pro-American bosses , you will be awarded as very smart and successful person and will sustain to survive in the race.

Similarly our Prime Minister has full proof plan of making "Apravasi Bharatiya" successive American (or European) viceroys of our country who are already deciding that who should win the election and who should be in power.

So let me tell to all hard working political workers that no matter how much competent and hardworking you are,  you will remain slaves - immediate subordinates- to these western viceroys like Sam Pitrodas , lord Meghnads and Shashi tharoors. All those dynasty political kids like Rahul gandhis, Sachin pilots, Jyotiradityas, Supriya Sules and Milind devras are going to save their "Princely states" (poor MPships) with the support of these viceroys.

Their slogans are
Let West  always  rule  India
Let western  culture, society,  economics kill culture, society,  economics of native Indians.
Long live viceroys, long live dynasty kids.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Be disloyal to your bosses who are disloyal to the nation; Expose them.

During freedom fight of India, lot of  IAS officers resigned from their administrative positions when called upon by freedom leaders. Many patriotic people like Sri Rabindranath Taogore returned their titles "sir" etc. back to British Government.

So here is the time to be patriotic, make the difference, contribute to the nation in a  big way. 

Expose your Bosses and co-workers in Multinational  companies, private companies,NGOs,  Public Sector, Government offices, Police; whoever is corrupt , Anti-social, anti-national .

I can say this at this juncture of time because common men are getting less and less or are thrown out to be unemployed from the  system in this time of financial crisis and inflation.

A change comes from the system within.

In Bhagwat Gita Krishna says to Arjuna that if you will fight the battle, you will be  awarded and rewarded as a  warrior and brave man. even if  you do not  fight , the battle will be surely won by Good against evil.Anyway they will be exposed. you can be part of the revolution. 
As it is the benefits to succumb to the system is going down for the common man and the risk of succumbing to the system is increasing and is about to destroy your individual or family life.

So as soon as possible, be disloyal to your bosses who are disloyal to the nation; Expose them.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Ruchika's case or any other social, political or economical injustice. how to fight against the injustice by those who are more powerful and Richer than us? - Answer - Spirituality.

According one English speaking bright and young Swamiji of Swaminarayan sect, "Spirituality is the answer". He has read biographies of around 500 great people in the world, right from the many American Presidents to great celebrities in religious, social , political arena; all of them believed in God, ethics, morals, Karma theory.

So japa, tapa, vrat, punya, dana, astha, sadhana - Bravo Indians ! do all these spiritual practices - more and more - with conviction - before fighting physically, mentally, intellectually in the world.

And individually and as a nation we are about to be victorious, leader and Guru of the world. CHAK DE INDIA

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Corporate is most irreligious, unfair, unethical, dishonest institutions without any consciousness.

All Industrial associations are not bothered about corruption; may be they have collusion with the corrupt.

Corporate is most irreligious, unfair, unethical, dishonest institutions without any consciousness.

Though I have not read official agenda and resolutions of CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM;
but all we can see in the business conferences that leaders of industry and private sector expecting lower interest rates, SEZ laws, stimulus package, higher liquidity, tax benefits, easy government procedures and sanctions but nobody talks of corruption, monopolistic, restrictive, unfair trade practices.

Nobody talks about transparency in accounting, corporate governance. All the charity work done by them are totally Americanized way to welfare.

Also if religion and spirituality has to do anything with morals, ethics and humanity ; no institute can be blamed to violate it as much as corporate. No communist dictator in history must have
violated morals and ethics as much as this. No communists had exploited human power and
world resources as much as capitalists in the name of globalization.

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.