Thursday, December 30, 2010


Union Health Ministry  of  India  declared  that  Cigarette companies  have to
show picture warning showing diseased patient on Cigarette  packets.

This is done in many countries recently as anti - Smoking campaigns.
May be this started with a very successful anti - addiction (anti-smoking )
campaign in USA , leaving hardly any smokers in USA in recent years.

Being SURE about the result  that  most of the people  will  leave smoking ;
Godfrey Phillips and ITC stopped the production of cigarette Units.

Contrary to become happy about the outcome,  Union  health Ministry  withdrew
the decision and diluted the compliance  by saying they have to  show pictorial warning
once in the 2 years.

The argument of government is that suddenly employees of the cigarette companies
 will become unemployed!!!!! lol ! actually Ministry should be happy and should have Plan B, PLAN C, PLAN D to rehabilitate employees of cigarette companies etc.

When Government wants to set up SEZ, it displaces many villages without any
delay. Was there collusion (match fixing) between Cigarette companies and health ministry.
Was the Order was just there to threaten the companies and make under table "deal"

Anyways I have better plan, Why not Religious NGOs , take it up, raise the funds from public and private sponsors for the campaign - have banners / rally of pictorial warning in all Metros, cities, villages.


In past Many religious NGOs had made Anti-diabetic campaigns in Big Metros and Cities;
Today diabetes is again becoming a threat too India
due to lack of health awareness ; there is a need to Re-campaign anti-diabetic campaign nationa-wide.
Mr. Bankim Shah

We need Public Sector Hotels

* To give poor and common men
a healthy, balanced - nutritious (with dal , vegetables, chapati etc.), reasonably priced meals and snacks

* This will reduce cost of Cooked Food.

* Many Government Agencies right from FCI, Agricultural ministries
 to retail public sector hotels can reduce the confusion of
"Food security demand -supply mismatch" and other problems

*  All the advantages of standardizations and socializations
in supply channels  - right from farmers  to  consumer  will be available.

* This would be  one of the quantum leap towards  fighting food inflation,
poverty,  hunger and mal-nutrition.

* This will generate lot of employment

* Regarding private hotels , they were allowed to earn as much as their
10 generations can live ; so why bother for their unemployment ?


Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Case Against America (USA)

* USA is not only imperialist but a great threat to the world ; as Germany was
just before Second World War.

* America is not just imperialist but Mother of all evil.
* Mother of terrorism and Weapon trade
* Destroyer of environment - Destroyer of Mother earth
* Destroyer  of  all cultures of nations
* Destroyer of sovereignties of nations
* Destroyer of freedom and self respect of common global citizen
by suppressing them by  Market  forces, imperialism and  American $'s  artificial strength.

* USA has destroyed deliberately lifestyles, cultures, food habits,health, looks marriage, family
 and other social structure,
* America is a  Monstrous State  like that of Ravan's Lanka which
has artificially spreading - consumerism, crony capitalism, GM  Food etc.

* Taking charge of finance / money of the world thro IMF, WTO, World Bank
and manipulating these world organizations (especially  IMF and  World Bank)
against all nations and for selfish petty interests of USA

A  Case Against American Indians

Most of the American Indians who suddenly become patriotic to USA
in last 15 years and criticized India as no Bangladeshi, Nepali or Ethiopian
would do to their own country.

These (most of them) traitors
who still can not achieve anything in India , suddenly are welcomed and elevated
in their status in USA by paying 25 lacs - 50 lacs to US Economy ;
just so that they become Mole, an agent who work for  US Interests
and loot all kind of   national  resources  including human resources  of their
mother land, to fool their spiritual and emotional brothers India and
for their petty self interests, satisfy pseudo ego, so that people suddenly
respect those anti-social elements and give the best brides to their sons,
and then they can go further by insulting, torturing, traumatizing  THE  TALENTED
THE MERITOCRATIC contributor youth  in India, which is unmarried or ill-married .

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Thursday, December 16, 2010


MNC Pharmaceutical  Companies and  Local doctors  and those who  are  in hospitality
businesses   in nexus with Municipal corporations  of METROs   and big cities..
*** are  creating and spreading diseases to fuel their profits .

1>  Spread diseases
diseases like dengue, malaria and chicken-guinea.- artificially by dirty surroundings and creating mosquito's

2> They see to it that preventive measures or mass corrective public measures are not taken.

3> Mass Awareness Campaigns are not implemented by Municipalities. People
who spread awareness are removed brutally.

4> Doctors are tight-lipped and just give medicines on prolong and regular basis.

one can find many articles on internet to substantiate negligence
by public bodies to easily prevent such diseases.
Warm regards
Bankim Shah

Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Whether it is business or marketing,

OR Government Schemes, Governance, State  Development models or Foreign policy.

OR  models for NGOs.

OR    Adopting scientific research,  Education, Public transportation, Telecoms,
           Power generation, Infrastructure development, reality, entertainment,
           Public health etc. etc. etc.

It is seen in recent years that all these American models in India have created
more problems , delays, failures, injustice etc. in Indian society.

So as a thumb RULE we should immediately stop following  "DEVILISH ANTI-WORLD NATION" USA in our public policies.

Commonsense says
USA will get destroyed socially , economically and even politically; because its own  Karmas. How far  we can also  follow it and destroy or delay  the  prosperity
of each common man of India ??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ALL EXPOSED - Failure of Privatization

Recent Debacles of world wide recession and expose of record breaking
corruption by Private sector in nexus with politicians; have proved that -

The Success of Liberalization  - Privatization
is Political Patronage and patronage of International Imperialism;
and not their efficiency or performance.

Privatization (crony capitalism) is the  State Sponsored way to
create injustice - political, economical, social injustice.

liberalization or privatization is no way better than Nationalization
or Public  Sector Units. They are merely  favored - in unjust way- by Nation  States
which were Pro - US ,after the cold War Era.

All the politicians and Leaders who were hurt by communism and Socialism;
Those who can not have their clout while the era of  Socialism
and Non Alignment Movement - collectively united across the globe.....
The Super Power USA Supporting them......

Those who do not like the idea of self sacrifice and socialism and common good;
suddenly found their importance , thanks to imperialism of Uncle Sam (US)

Just because USA was anti-USSR;  It influenced the world, international
political organizations and nation states - to adopt anti thesis of socialism or
communism - i.e. crony capitalism.

Today the whole world is paying the price for this state sponsored Class struggle.
(where Rich class is favored and poor rather than poverty,
are made to extinct )

THE MAJOR CULPRIT USA should pay the highest.
So the whole world and India should not think about USA interest all the time
and let nature take its own course. Let US $ fall. let US poverty, hunger and unemployment rise, if they do not repent on their deeds and return back on the path of justice.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Donate / Install Water Purifiers Everywhere

We need a different kind of revolution to
stop the children and people dieing or ailing  due to impure drinking water
and water borne diseases.

government bodies, Government Schemes and Private Donors,
NGOs , sponsors can donate  water purifiers in cities, Metros, rural areas
-in as many in number as possible
to cover maximum number of people to have safe and pure drinking water..

(this will only hit two monsters - 1> companies of bottled water
2> pharmaceutical companies -  SO BE IT. Why should we bother
about criminal minded corporate ?)

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, November 15, 2010

Next Corrupt Sector : Insurance Sector

Thank  God , Indians (youth) are little sensitive
and concerned about corruption issue.

All private Life Insurance companies are making huge losses but still paying hi- fi salaries and commissions  to their managers and agents and this at the  cost of  insured people i.e. general public at large.

All the guilty in private sector and IRDA officers should be exposed. This nation- sucking insurance
companies and business should be closed  immediately.

To fight corruption would be "most profitable,
effective, beneficiary in its entirety" - for the nation,
society or an individual.

If one can fight and crack down corruption;
one is able to
- solve multiple national problems
- many people will be empowered
- many progressive things will happen

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Social Security Net

Liberalization, Privatization and  and  Globalisation
and Manmohanomics

have destroyed Social Security for a common man

the Anti-dot is build powerful social security net
for all...

These will make balance of power, lack of monopoly,
will re induce social , political and economic justice
and minimize the corruption, superstition, illiteracy.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why should RBI save US $ against rupee at 43 ??

There is a lobby of traitors  in India
who will become poor and powerless if America becomes
poor and powerless.

This lobby (pro American) will no more be able to
rule people of India anymore , if   US $ and hence America
loses its clout...

Who will then rule the India ??

People who are really meritocratic and TRUE LEADERS
OF INDIA will start ruling India.

all the Manmohan Singhs and Monteks who are unpopular
leaders but agents of America will lose
not only their clout but will lose their  bread and butter.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Train Youth in Social Sciences

To create  leaders which are in scarce ...
To train young politicians to be professional ........
To fight corruption....
Hence to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment and illiteracy......

Train  youth  in  Social Sciences 
rather than stereotype doctor, engineer, MBAs

Inject the knowledge of following subjects , right
from the primary  school levels to  post graduation

*World History, World Geography, World politics
*Religions and philosophies
*Astrology, astronomy, Mathematics
* Political science, foreign policy, International
and public Finance.
* LEGAL : National law and International laws, WTO  laws, EU laws, UN Laws, World bank, IMF, WHO laws, War Laws, International courts laws.
* Environment
* Sociology
* Local government, public policies

This will make India Super Power with super trained Youth Leaders

Bankim Shah

Monday, August 9, 2010

Public Sector, in totality, can expand , make huge profits , give employment to Crores of people on its own

Public Sector, in totality,  can expand , make huge profits , give employment  to Crores  of people on its own ; without any government help/package or bail out package.....(This is true world wide)

*  All it requires  is to remove all - right from corrupt ministers to corrupt  officials -  who
wants to destroy public sector ; and prosper themselves and
prosper private sector.

*  Plus all well meaning politicians can  pick up the  best of the talents from
private sector at premium salaries and remuneration.  These is how private
sector companies  like Reliance have done in past and snatched away talents
of public Sector ,the talent which got nourished by then public sector.

Fine Economy

I have written about this before and just repeating.
In Dubai there are no taxes and all the revenue for the government
comes from Fines - punishment money from law breakers.

We can also Fine lawbreakers and generate government Revenues.
e.g. (1) Fine on spitting in public places (2) breaking traffic rules
- this can be done by using CCTV cameras (3) Public smoking
(4) chewing gums (5) destroying public properties (6) damaging
tourist places etc.

Plus all the defaulters of excise duty, Custom duty, Sales tax ;
defaulters of nationalized banks should be forced to pay their
Fast track courts should be set up to auction their attached properties
and fulfill their dues and liabilities.

Warm  Regards
 Bankim Shah

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Donation Economy is much much more than corruption economy.

Do not  worry about Corruption !!
Donation Economy is much much more than corruption economy.

According to Transparency International , India has 84th rank out of 180 countries
(lower the rank, lower the corruption). China's rank is 79th.

According to World Bank, developing country like India has a black money
(corruption money) deals are worth 4 lacs Crore. This includes  estimated  election
corruption of 2.5 lacs Crore.

Now if we think total corrupt money economy of 4 lacs Crore;
and divide it by 120 Crore Indians.
Corruption economy per head (per capita) comes out := 3333 Rs.

Now can not we think that - amount of donations for charity, religious,
social, festivals purposes, Sewa (Service) and Shrama dana (charitable labor) ,

i.e. in cash and kind, in tangible and intangible ways
is  (charity or philanthropy)  more than 3333 ?

Every Indian is intrinsically spiritual; so knowingly or unknowingly
 he/she must be contributing more than Rs 3333 to society and nation apart
from wages or remuneration he deserves and gets .

This holds true in other countries also. No need to panic
about corruption.

Because there are as much positive forces
of money flow - call it " Golden money" or "Divine  Money"
against the flow of "Black money" or "Monster money", in any
country of the world at given point of time.

Having said that I never meant to say that we should not fight corruption
but on the contrary we ALL can fight corruption in planned , informed and
collective way , within India and worldwide.

Tip to fight corruption in India :

1>  Since  all the public enforcement agencies  (including police force, CRPF and  tax
officers) are less in number i.e. Understaffed,
Use Technology -
e.g. Everyday Truck drivers are paying bribes worth 500 Crores to police
and toll tax mans. Why not make the payment or passage by automated machine?
(This data is from article "Bharat ma bhrastachar" of Political Editor Mr. Ajay Umat ,
 from Gujarati newspaper Divya Bhaskar , Sunday, 8th August 2010)

2> Handsome Incentives to whistle blowers and "khabaris" (Informers).
we have many smart educated unemployed. They can be motivated to
fight corruption. 

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Government is destroying Government Companies

Government Ministers , bureaucrats and Government  Officers - Top Bosses
of  Public Sector Units (PSUs )  ;

are all set to destroy PSUs, their quality, their markets.

This they are doing to favor (in corrupt way) their Private counterparts so that
when in next elections ; when public throw them out, they have enough
corrupt money they have got from their Private Player God Fathers.

Also they can prove that "Public Sector is inefficient and Privatization is necessary"

Government is not serious about Fiscal Deficit.

All the defaulters of  CBDT, Sales Tax, Excise, Custom are set Free.

All Enforcement agencies (even armed forces- police, para military)
are understaffed and only used up in serving political purposes.

Who will do their supposedly   regular job - execution of
* protecting people
* punishing culprits ??

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Thursday, July 29, 2010

India would have been SuperPower in 1990

If Indira Gandhi would have survived for 10 more years, India would have become Super power in 1990 or 1995 itself !! 

Right now examine really which are the causes which have made India to be considered as one of the Super powers of the world.  Which are the real causes?

It is basic infrastructure, Navaratnas (PSUs) set up at the time of Mr. Nehru, Military and Nuclear competence which was acquired by Mr. Lal bahadur Shastri and  Mrs.  Indira Gandhi. independent Foreign policies and international diplomacy which was designed by all above Prime  Ministers  - from  Nehru  to  Indira  Gandhi.

These Prime Ministers (1947-1984) were socialists, nationalists, progressive, competent, popular, versatile and having global visions. They put India on the world front as a strong country, just next to say Russia or China. 
These Prime Ministers made  India progress economically, politically in global politics , also in military strength in all three branches of military viz. Army, Navy and Air force. Even  making India  Nuke Power  was initiated by Indira Gandhi and even she antagonized  West for that.

Okay. Then What did rest of the Prime Ministers do? Right from Mr. Narsimha Rao to Mr. Manmohan Singh?
Once Mr. Narsimha Rao in his Prime ministerial term had told his confidant  that "Our Government is secured because it has the support of USA" 

So all these PMs (barring those of United Front and Rajiv Gandhi) (1991-2010) , had bowed down to  Uncle Sam ( USA)  just to secure their PMship and their Governments. 

These PMs and Governments (1991-2010) are systematically delaying India to become super power and save America.
They are supporting America more than UK supports America. They are rebuilding and salvaging America n number of times at the cost of India, n number of times, by sacrificing India again and again.

As  far as, globalization, privatization, liberalization reforms are considered; every small country in south Asia, Latin America or Africa has adopted these reforms even more successfully than India. The SeaFood Exports  by a small country Thailand is more than  total exports of India. So Do our recent PMs get any credit for liberalization? Answer is big NO.

How do Indian PMs support America ?
1>By Artificially depreciating Rupee against USD.
2> Ignoring USA and UK, which are  Supporting Terrorism against India 

1>By Artificially depreciating Rupee against USD.
 when global economists and forex experts speak about weakness of US $ and strength of Indian Rupee; when RBI Governor to all the secretaries (bureaucrats) in Finance ministry, when all the researchers - brokers on financial channels to economic advisory of PM are standing  for strengthening of Indian Rupee against US $; Why government machinery is misused  to keep it subdued? 

Our currency INR is well accepted in gulf , Asian countries etc; but our Government  never tried to make it global. Indian Rupee is a victim of its traitor bosses. Those who are supposed to protect and upbring it , the very people are shunting (in a very hard way) its unstoppable power.

Remittances for the purchase of Gold and remittances of Indian students going abroad are the temporary causes which may weaken Rupee against USD. Why does not UPA Government come clean on the policy - whether they are for stronger currency Rupee or otherwise? They are  protecting India or American interest. I do not think American US $ is worth even 20 INR

2> Ignoring USA and UK, which are  Supporting Terrorism against India : Are our recent PMs too dumb to understand this. America and UK had always felt themselves unsecured, jealous and threatened by India since Independence i.e. 1947. They got even more frustrated by almost right decisions made by PMs -Nehru to Indira - to protect India against  western Imperialism, to befriend with Russia and  to head the leadership of Non-alignment movement.

No wonder  USA and UK  interfered in each Indo-Pak security issues. Now it is evident that US and UK worked closely in partnership with ISI, Taliban, other Islamic terrorist groups to counter their enemies and competitors which includes India.Our Foreign policies, Markets our businessmen first chose in the world - all of these was guided by foreign remote controls in post liberalization Era. Russia  ,China   and other countries also became  liberal economically but they maintained their core character and remain patriotic to their own countries.

So we are becoming Super Power because  of  Nationalism in our blood, Socialism in our banking system, Our Rural Demand, Our technocrats, Our think tanks, Our ever adoptive nature to receive and assimilate global trends. We are adoptive since beginning even before 1947.

Because "we the people" have reformed and improved our literacy levels, all other indexes of social, political, economical parameters in last 63 years since 1947. We are Unstoppable. All we require is to remove , get rid of, annihilate the plague of traitors from the system, fight the long due wars with terrorists,  make Rupee a global currency  and prove to the world that we are THE SUPERPOWER of 21ST CENTURY

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are three issues of local government in Mumbai, I want to
discuss (with possible solutions) ; which are relevant everywhere in India-
related to City Municipal corporation or rural gram panchayats.

1> There are lot of social and cultural groups in Mumbai - On language basis Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian etc. , they   take/collect/ charge  money and do activities like organizing commercial Plays , organizing international as well as domestic tours, organizing Mohamaad Raffi and Kishore Kumar Nights.

However to the Best to our surprise, Many big organizations with  even 5000 plus
members are not registered. They keep no accounts and no audits. They are
not regulated by any particular regulator. Does charity commissioner regulate them?

The committee members are not elected by members of the group but
are selected by founders. Plus there is no reshuffle in committee regularly.
Instead of senior committee members, rich and corrupt take over the committees.

My Humble request is to bring them all under proper registration, proper accounting,
proper audits etc. Plus if  their incomes attract any  tax liability, they should be made to
contribute to tax.

2> Residence Welfare Associations :
These so called "Welfare groups"  for residential people. These groups 
are bully and have negative power nexus.

These are mostly groups of retired , unemployed or underemployed senior citizens.
They collect lot of money from surrounding buildings , from residential households
and do some decoration/plantation activities with their whims and fancies.

They pay to their favorite  contractors. They plant ornamental  trees  and plants ,
instead of useful trees. This can instead be done in systematic manner by farming and
gardening experts.

These activities are not regulated and create big menace , wastage of land , money
(of households) ,time (of labor , contractors) , Energy.
Here also, the committee members are not elected by members of the group but
are selected by founders. Plus there is no reshuffle in committee regularly.
Instead of senior committee members, rich and corrupt take over the committees.

3> Committees  of co-operative  Societies : Same corruption prevails here.
There is no reshuffle in committee regularly.
Solution is to Centralize.
Let (present condition) instead of people in one building forming - registering  co operative housing society
and members of the one building deciding to make committee;
Let (new modified idea) members of multiple buildings- say 10 buildings make formation of  community housing society and let members of all 10 buildings make one committee.
This will minimize corruption, redundancy, non productivity, inefficiency.

Too much of decentralization OR too much of Centralization
leads to
corruption, redundancy, non productivity and inefficiency.

Centralization at District level instead of Gram panchayat level is the
need of the hour , to stop the menace of "Khap panchayats"

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why No Parents of American Indians go to America permanently?

Why No Parents of American Indians go to America permanently?

Almost no parent of American Indians stay with their children
They go for 6 month to their children's place
only to babysit for their grand children.

This class (
parents of American Indians) is not only lynch
and burden on Indian society but they are
Ever-Blood-sucking poison for the country.....

They always take all good information, innovative ideas,
all spiritual, social, political, all intangible wealth and import
it to America and their children in America without giving any import duty.

There is  a survey in newspapers that the trend is increased
that Rich Old people are fighting the court cases for challenge and thrill.
I am connecting this theory with American Indians.

Parents of American Indians try hard to destroy all the meritocratic
youth serving India , they try to allure and provoke poor
against India.

They are depressed because of identity to Indian Rupee
and India  becoming super power.
and they are desperate to destroy India at any cost.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attack Black Money/Black Worth/Black Assets

India needs Huge money
*  For huge social investment for deprived sections like children, women and  poor
*  For development and infrastructure
*  To overcome fiscal deficit
*  To become the Top developed country of the world

According to Ramdev Swami,  250 to 300 lac Crore INR worth of BLACK MONEY can be brought back from Swiss Banks. (He says this based on relevant reports) These Money is deposited in these swiss banks by corrupt people in India.

Why should wait for that , first start with Black money in India itself
start with relatively small amount. 

Our GDP is 60,000 Crore INR. Twice or thrice amount of black money is
expected to run in the system.

Plus there will be Black worth and blocked (not circulated) money of hundreds of Crores
of Rupees. Ex Indian Medical Council head had accumulated 1800 Crores of money through corruption.

So why not tap first Black money ...
by various methods

Interrogating Chartered Accountants , tax lawyers, tax departments
2> Severe Raids with intelligently investigating and identifying target group
- those who have black money and black asset.
3> Canceling the Notes of 1000 INR  and 500 INR Rupees.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



(Our Prime Minister is the role model leader )


Yes you got it right .......This is the state of India under
Sri  Manmohan  Singh 's UPA Government's rule.

Though I appreciate an India becoming economic (8.5 % GDP growth),
military and political Super-power;
India is socially backward than never before....All the efforts of Raja Ram
Mohan ray , Mahatma Jyotiba Fule , Dr Ambedkar , Gandhiji etc. for social justice
are nullified very "competently" with Manmohanomics.

Social, political , economical Injustice is plaguing  the country as never before.
Government has "Zero Tolerance for Justice". 
Singh is a king of anarchy, unruliness.

This is what happens when two politically failed  economists
viz. Monamohan singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia (who acts like Super Finance Minister)
are running the country.

These two old generation, old fashioned economists have very low self esteem
and  inferiority complex for their own selves and for India.

They always dream in American English (with American slang) where
Uncle Sam or WTO or IMF gives pat on  their back.

They do not understand  " useless" Indian culture , Indian psyche ,
Indian aspirations much. They also "need not" understand "poor , jungli and backward"
Indians; thanks to Mrs. Soniya Gandhi who has given them celestial rights
to rule over the country of more than 100 Crore Indians.

May be in last 6 years they learned about India a bit, on job learning, at the cost of
the national time and money.

"India is a Snake Charmers country and all PMs from Nehru to Vajpayee were desi
and backward, We brought India out of drain, to the world stage and we made India
Super power - only both of us" - This is the attitude they have when they speak.

These two super human beings have insulted all senior political leaders of congress,
from Pranab Mukereji to Natwar singh, depending upon their daring to differ with them.

Write it on the wall - Who will pay a big political Price .....
None Other than Mrs. Soniya and Rahul Gandhi.
It will be Mr. Singh and his Chamchas who will directly (by conspiracy)
 or indirectly
(by creating public opinion) will end the dynasty of Congress Party...
Good for India?.......

Mr. Bankim Shah

Friday, July 2, 2010

Alternate Therapies (A Market of Billions of Rupees) Government is the biggest bottleneck.

1> If one does not like the theory of Ramdev swami and does not want to do yoga or pranayam; Acupressure is a full proof  therapy to cure any acute , chronic or deadly disease.
There are enough more-than-needed- Highly skilled manpower who can treat people by acupressure
in India.

2> If some one does not like the idea of acupressure ; naturopathy is is a full proof  therapy to cure any chronic or deadly disease. There are atleast few hundreds of world class nature Treatment and cure centers  in India and  few thousands of mediocre ones.

3> If you do not like ideas above ;
Ayurvedik medicines ( prescribed by standard Government recognized doctors from Government Ayurvedik institutes) are far more efficient in most of the diseases. They are without side effects and are only marginally costlier.
Most of the acute to deadly diseases can be cured by them. They not only cure but create positive health especially
in youth.

4> If you still want innovative idea, dietitians not only reduce weight but also heal and cure many diseases just by following a particular diet. Why do not we have public dietitians  in government  hospitals??

5> 5 Crore American have fully switched to organic Food, boosting the market of organic food and organic farms. When will Indian who originally believe in natural farming will get this type of food? Or Government is "committed"  to "donate" Fertilizer  subsidies  of  70000 crores to fertilizer companies (for their secret deals with governments)

6> Similarly we have many independent institutes, with very competent manpower treating with other therapies like Reiki, Accupuncture, sujok, magnet therapy.
Why do all  Indian governments , right from the 1st elected government, try to destroy these institutes providing alternate therapies and medicines and keep bailing out and subsidize the modern medicine - allopathy ?

We can at least tap the domestic market which is worth 7 lakh Crore INR. why should our government worry about private money invested in hospitality and insurance business at the cost of public health ? Let everybody play and compete fair. Let our government show at least once that it is not colonial servant of USA and West; and they have confidence in India's own indigenous strength.

If government facilitates them , promotes all these alternate cure , public health improves with Bill getting minimized. Competition will create quality, transparency  and competitive price.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Converting all that is Private into Public

It seems not pro actively but reactively and by chance the governments of different countries are finding the social, political, economic solutions in socialism and Public sector.

Without changing much we can change  lot of private assets or privately run economies into public assets and public economy if required. 

E.g. Using  same  cars and vehicles , public sector  for transportation can be  expanded. This is already happening where in Mumbai most of the cabs are adopting models of Maruti Suzuki, Santro etc. So the auto sales will not go down. There will not be any need to give very cheap auto loans to people who are not rich and still want to spread pollution by taking auto loan.

There can be lot of Private Sector Companies like Meru, in providing public transports. 
The Most Important yardsticks could be
1> more mobility to maximum people at the minimum possible rate 
 2> contribution to the nation, productivity etc per liter of Fuel used.

Similarly there can be public mobile, public broad band and internet, public 3G in all our villages.

Similarly there can be low cost housing , land re-distribution, flat re-distribution by new mechanisms by Government. This is key to change monopolies. This is key to bridge the gap between poor and rich. This is already happening where some builders find market for low cost housing. but where are appropriate government policies and programs.
Average land Area used for residential , commercial , industrial , agricultural purposes should rise in lower strata of public, in those who are below property line.

Even  all that is private security personnels - need to be converted into public security personnel. The number of citizens  served, protected per security person should increase. This will also make the life of security man easy, real, satisfying, proud. The way our police , CRPF , defense are deprived of required extra staff, resources, training shows the mental bankruptcy of politicians who are - "private sector -fundamentalists"and they are "Market Fundamentalists"

There is need to  expand and empower public sector  by using all government  lands, offices,  properties with post offices, stations, municipalities, central and state governments. They can be leased out to private sector also. Public sectors like banks and hospitals are doing great jobs and serving the nation but same are deprived of needed extra number of staff, training, technology etc.

the bottom line is to create fair competition - this will take care of inflation and will serve the common man.

If competition brings the best out of people, no competition- a large
 gap between rich and poor - brings out the worst in the world.

The fruits are  monopolies, corruption, crime,  status quo  and overall ruining  of societies and nations. 

Some of the thumb rules for genuine and ambitious businessman
* Public ( serving large number of people) sells better and profitable than Private ( Premium group)
* Rural sells better and profitable than Rural
* Regional (language , literature , product) sells better and profitable than Global. 
 Hindi  sells better and profitable than English. this is not anti-global; just our rich  have prematurely over globalised so we need to balance.
* Competition and competence are better than monopolies and marketing.
* In short follow the lessons of two movies - "3 idiots" and "Rocket singh" -  "First being competent than doing than having " and "Truly Serving the customer will automatically expand your business with great numbers"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Should Insurance policies attract tax exemption Under Section 80 C etc ?

Many Ignorant Investors (Rich or middle class)  invest in insurance policies - ULIP etc. -
at the end of Financial Year just to get tax exemptions.

Even educated and highly posted people buy insurance policies without getting properly informed.
For some it is status symbol, for some believe it is security for family.
Most of them are misguided by Insurance  companies and agents ;
by keeping the products not simple and mysterious

On the other hand insurance companies are "considered to be"
vehicle of government to mobilize the part of contributions to infrastructure
projects and hence national growth !!

Should Tax benefits be removed from insurance policies ;
And Government  should force the insurance companies, actuaries to come out with real
good , useful plans for common men ?

  Bankim Shah

Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Hurry to be SuperPower - Fight the Enemy within

There are 193 sovereign states countries in the world , small or big. India rates in  Top 5 countries  - in most of the parameters and yardsticks related to military power , economy , even human rights front . For Example We are rated 4th in the world for military power. (however in case of maritime security, we are behind and come 7th in the world)

May be our Elephant economy is not so good when it comes to law and order and social, economical and political justice and meritocracy.

Many corrupt people in India now using "Super Power Card" to misguide people. They are using people's craze to be superpower and to progress fast at high GDP rate - to fulfill their selfish agenda.

Our Goal should be clear. Though we are almost there to become superpower, we should not be in hurry so that some politicians can cheat and misguide us; neither we should throw away the credit to be super power to some of the most undeserving politicians. 

All we need is that be very objective and persuasive and make regular appraisals to see to it that India remains in top 5 (countries) , or Top 10 in most of the yardsticks and further improves. This can be done irrespective of which political party is in power. We should only compare India with India and not with china, America or any other country. Let us have our independent indigenous models of growth, employment and economy.

Simultaneously most important, equally challenging  task is to fight the corruption and crime within , so that the benefits and credit of the country being super power reaches to people who deserve and not to those who are not contributors but are spoilers , users, grabbers, consumers, cheaters, traitors.

Bankim Shah

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Processed Food - Wasting Electricity and Water

Most of the processed food use unnecessary resources like water, electricity, labor, land, finances to manufacture something which has 1> value addition only in taste and value deletion in nutrition, cost, health, economies of scale and social and national economy. 

2> Unnecessary Large scale Food processing industries take away the whole business from cottage industries or co-operative societies which are apt for such food products.

 3> Plus Marketing cost for big economies becomes a big percentage of total cost of a food product.

4> Plus it is healthy, preferable and worthy to promote  to eat  /consume - regional and seasonal  foods beacause it is healthy

Whenever  certain sector of economy are over organized and with wrongly high economies of scale, it takes away jobs and resources from people who ought to be in these jobs and businesses.

For Example, in making juice (simple example) even small hotelier uses so much of water and electricity , and dilutes or kills the nutrition value of fruits.  

For example , instead of eating  biscuits, children can be given sheera (suji ka halwa) directly made from home made industry.
Bottled aerated drinks use 10 bottles of water for one product  bottle. 

Promoting not-much-processed food is healthy for the health of people and reduces private, individual, public medical costs.

Promoting regional and seasonal food will give market to regional producers, local market chain and will reduce transportation cost.

This does not stop us  to use technology for preservation, refrigeration, processing etc. when it is necessary and investments can be welcome for that.

Bankim Shah 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since lot of scams are bursting out; I hope much from Media.

There are many areas where sting  operations are need of the hour. One of the area is International NGOs.

Government not only promotes them, helps them all the way let it be land or infrastructure or funds or marketing; but also listens to them , considers their opinion on many informations of public domain. This gets transformed into public policies.

The way Government and civil servants and department  secretaries listened blindly MCI (Medical council of India), Government is listening blindly to International NGOs like GreenPeace, CRY, Habitat international etc.

It is high time we break their corrupt secrets , their  hidden agendas, their  International Menifestos....

Bankim Shah

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do We Indians still hate money and love to be poor?

If we would be loving money, power and expansion ; if we would be loving fun, pleasures, luxuries and holidays;
we would never remain so passive in the world full of advantages and opportunities for India.......May be all the politicians who got power without any struggle has no value for the country, patriotism or  progress.

*  When there is European, USA and Dubai Turmoil,  we should have used this opportunity to supply cheap goods to them like China does. Instead we shoot on out foot by making our labor cheap and exporting services too cheap.
* We do not collaborate well with BRIC (Brazil , Russia, China, India) countries.

* We do not proactively take advantage of unexplored African Markets and South - South Co-operation.

* We throw away the efforts of Late PM Rajeev Gandhi to build South Asian co-operation. We throw away the credibility of India as a leader of NAM movement.

* Indian politicians have no long term and broader vision or strategy for foreign policy , internal or external security, political economy and social conscience.

* When the globe expects us to take initiative as superpower, we not only avoid to take opportunity but we keep sacrificing India for America. Whatever happens to America is their problem.

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Save 300 lac Crores

According to Swami Ramdev, India consumes soaps, toiletries, cosmetics worth 300,00,000 Crore (Three hundred Lac Crore) from multinational companies. 

These are zero technology products which can be made easily in India employing and empowering Indian domestic industries. 

Our companies can make them. Small companies also can make them removing the monopolies. Public Sectors can make them. 

We can not only satisfy our domestic demand but also can Export in new markets like those of Asia, Africa etc.
This  will create balance of power, distribution of power and 3lac crore Rupees of country are saved.

Also similarly Swadeshi Fast food packeted products, Swadeshi Colas and potato chips, Swadeshi products made by small Desi manufacturing companies can acquire big Market Share in the World Market.We already have many small and big local , state level, national brands for fast food (like haldiram etc). The only need is to promote and market them globally.


Bankim Shah

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Purpose of Insurance Policy - Scope of reviving the industry

The purpose of Insurance is covering the economical risk of  life etc. of an individual or group of people.
The principle of Insurance is based on sharing the collective fund and settle claims with people, thereby help them to overcome economical risk. This the insured gets against premium agreed.

The purpose of  investing in stocks for an individual is to participate in profit or loss of big enterprises run by professional corporate and  the advantage to public companies is that they get public money to finance their big projects.

The purpose of mutual Fund is to cater to the needs of  investors who are not competent to directly invest in shares but need expert managers of Mutual Funds ti invest for them.

Is it advisable and meaningful to Mix all these products? Insurance companies have launched and mis sold many ULIP Schemes which are based on funds  of shares.

There are many simpler schemes of insurances which already exist with the insurance companies. Plus IRDA and Ministry of finance can easily force /guide/instruct these companies to have these simple products. The main problem is marketing by agents. Neither Sales Managers, Seniors, agents of Insurance companies are interested to sell them. These Simple and pure insurance schemes providing real purpose of the insurance can be directly sold by insurance companies by keeping staff ( no need of agents).
Common men will buy these schemes as they do deposit their Term deposits in banks.

Simplifying and standardizing marketing  by insurance companies and  dismantling the Agent Marketing is the key to stop the menace of mis selling and mystery selling.

Bankim Shah

India is Missing Many buses - Many opportunities - Thanks to PM - Single Man Disaster

Yes. With taking risk of  criticizing  so-called  popular, so-called Educated Prime Minister, I have to  say that  Mr. Manmohan Singh   is a  Moodha  Mati (  Man with Dumb and weak  Intellect) , Mand Gati (Slow in Progress) PM.

High Time India is missing many and many buses 

* According to one European union Economist,  India should have taken a lead to make Rupee stronger , the way China is taking initiative to strengthen Unan against US$. All Asian currencies will improve against US $  and other western currencies.

*  PM  is like a problem child who does not like China and Russia.
 India misses to gang up with these two powerful Emerging countries.

* We miss to strengthen our traditional ties with many countries like  Saudi Arabia, South Asia, Russia ; also we totally threw away, washed off,  the credibility of India acquired through Non-alignment movement (NAM).

* We are missing to strengthen our defense and foreign policy in independent manner and we act like a client state of USA. Manmohan Singh is destroying / sacrificing India again and again so that USA can bounce back and gets bailed out at the cost of Indians.

* India misses to be Super-power in region and in the world.  

* Manmohan singh will make an India  which will be  10 times  worse  than  even Pakistan.

Bankim Shah


Saturday, May 1, 2010



As a common Global Citizen, I am one of those 6.5 to 7 billion World populations.
I have full potential to live my life, respectfully, with grace and dignity, with preserving and enjoying my human rights.
I have all the competence to win my bread on my own and feed my parents, family, and children.
I have full intention and wisdom to fulfill my social, national and global obligations, duties and responsibilities.

All I demand, ask, request, plead for, fight for is

- Save my air, water, soil, food getting polluted- from pollution in atmosphere and pollution in the minds of CEOs of cruel and criminal Multi-Nationals, Imperialist Countries and Market economies representing crony capitalism.

- Save my land for shelter of my family and let me do farming and grow my food on it. Please do not take away my shelter in the name of SEZ, in the name of progress.

- Save my culture. East or West or North or South, No culture in the world is as worse as today's culture of world governments promoting alcohol, drugs, tobacco, separatism, corruption, illiteracy communal ism, apartheid more than anything else, more than they ever did in recent history of thousands of years.

-Save my children, from child labor, from damaging education system and assaulting Western multinational culture and Media misguidance. I wish I die before my children’s death.

- Save my body from fast food, synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, MNC pharmaceuticals, pollution, accidents through heavy private vehicle traffic.

- Save my mind from force feeding of sex, violence, hatred, pelf, consumerism, market hegemony.

- Save my intellect from Media - most of which is misguiding and evil.

- Save my soul from Best seller God men, 5 star and corporatized Gurus.

Bankim Shah

Monday, April 19, 2010



Yes This is need of the hour , especially in India. Government is totally acting against the need of the our country. At the cost of improving and promoting the public transports in terms of rural roads and public utility vehicles; Government is allocating , all the time , money energy to promote private transports. 

* This creates the divide in mobilities of Rich and poor, mobility of Urban v/s Villagers, mobility of Employed v/s Unemployed. 

* Mobility is required  for an individual for his survival, business, growth, employment.  So this  'Mobility divide'  gives  rise to further socio-economic gap between  HAVES and HAVE  NOTS. 

*On the other hands , all the highways and  roads  build by NHAI etc Government authorities and ministries build the roads which are little  use to a common men if public vehicles are not designed  to suit the needs of the public at large. 

*From the environment point of view also the 'number of people served per liter of petrol' is low with private transport compared to public transport.

* Also private transport increases the Crude Oil Bill of the country to new record breaking heights with less and less people using more and more subsidized oil.

* Also a large part of money allocated for bank loans for private vehicles is diverting a large pool of money to private transport. 

I am not asking to have bad and cheap quality transport, but as already advocated by many environmentalists, like Sri Sunita Narain of CSES, there is need to have all the exhaustive projects to create green public vehicles need to be implemented. 

I am sure  

*  This will change power equations and create level playing field between rich and poor ; and create balance of power.
*  This will change market for vehicles , the leaders of the automobile and allied industries will change.
*  The game remains interesting when there is a fair play and each participants are participating fully.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dumb youth : Big Business of morality and Ethics, Personality Development, Vocational Guidance

Since today's youth is unfortunately exposed to all the wrong kind of support system right from government made imperfect education system to the misguiding market offering him freely, alcohol, tobacco, burgers, pizza, western lifestyles and making him super consumer. Media and Market jointly trying to impose western cultural over Indian youth; making him/her away from family, parents and Indian culture.

Now comes the benefits and profits out of this situation. Yes already Multi-Crore Rupees business to teach these children and youth (especially elite class so that they can pay well), the morality, ethics and spirituality, anti-addiction,  personality development and career planning is going on by all private Sectors, private Gurus, private institutes.

Do we need them? Do we need this contradictory systems?
First let the children and youth get spoiled and destroy their lifestyle to fullest possible, thanks to "globalization culture without safeguards", the model adopted by Manmohanomics . And after that let many fraud people earning crores by "purifying" , "uplifting" them. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Muslim Goshala

Normally we think that only Hindu institutions take care of cows and have Goshalas. But In Rajasthan, on Jodhpur-Badmer road, one can find the board of "Muslim Goshala", which is run by an institution named "Marwar muslim education and welfare".

120 cows are fully taken care of by Mr. Mohammad Atik who manages the Goshala. They give shelter to deserted cows and give medicines to even diseased cows of neighboring villages. They have appointed Muslim Veternity doctor Sri Afatab. All the care takers are Muslims.

Suggestion of Mr. Atik : if our Government contributes 1% of taxes for cows , the problem of cow-care in India will be solved. 
(courtesy : Gujarati periodical Suvichar March 2010, Sadvichar Parivar publication)

Monday, March 8, 2010


This article is inspired by cow-katha of shri Gopal Mani Maharaj on Aashtha Channel.

Any devotee of  Lord  Krishna should donate , nurture , contribute with his best capacities to the cause of cows.
There are many deserted cows especially in drought prone regions of  Rajasthan. So many cows are slaughtered each day in the country of Lord Krishna.

We should give away the perfect logic and rational fundamentalism for a while and stand for the cause of cows at least for few months.

Drink Cow milk, Cow Ghee, Panch-Gavya. Create Energy, CNG, Power from 'Gobar' gas for cooking. Get back to much coveted Cow (Ox) based natural organic farming. 
Cow dung and Cow Urine be our Organic manure and Organic pesticides for bumper farm yield.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Values - Safety Nets - sleaze Babas - Women empowerment

Swami Vivekananda has said one sentence of the meaning that " If  person on path of  Dharma is committing 1000 mistakes; a person who is not on the path of religion , will commit 50,000 mistakes!!!"

Those who misuse Globalization ,Privatization, liberalization and imperialism for their selfish interests, systematically and subtly destroyed the family values , relation between husband and wife, relation between parents and children. Concept of Family also can be extended to nationalism based on religion, culture or national language.

Strong family was a Safety Net. 

It is nature,  It is nature, It is nature,
not government or dictator, 
which has made a man and a woman in a particular way which are  different in many ways and similar in many ways.  

Family was  a  unit  to give  physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, cultural, community, national  support to the a man , wife, children and senior citizens.  Even joint  family systems had less  disadvantages and endless advantages. It is not joint family members who created problems, but it is society's and politicians' irresponsibility to acknowledge criminals and corrupt and punish them, has created problem.

Family is not only Indian or Eastern concept; all religion, even nomadic tribes, all culture across the globe supports the family values and concept in essence. I do not mean they we should not grow and progress but progress with values which is backbone.

As far as sleaze Babas like Bhimanand are concerned; in ancient rishi culture all Rishis were married, we have to distinguish between sanyasi and non-sanyasi traditions. I don't think sex and better if  marriage, is so bad with sadhus and saints but to have sex rackets and manipulation is criminal, unethical and law of the land will take care of them. 
Rishi Vishwamitra was allured by Menaka, Muni parashar had out of marriage relation with satyavati and the result was great Ved Vyas. There are 100s of stories. It is only Indian culture which takes the sex naturally without any fuss.

Women are already over empowered by laws and all women - from elite class to middle class who are decision makers have already destroyed our country more than any other reason. Now Mr. PM Manmohan Singh wants a final stroke - Women reservation bill.
Man are not supported since childhood school to multinational companies who employ women because they are submissive. Women are subconsciously taught  ( like  terrorists)  by the market to  sell their womanhood  and  be "superior" to men.

I have seen all "career women" of  late generations ( not all career women) who have almost destroyed their family lives. Their careers and finances are also going down. Career women and single women are even more exploited by everyone , right from parents , relatives to society.  If women are so good in their career they should be able to carry on with their family and husbands and the divorce rates in India would not be 51-55% and in Mumbai like city it is 75%. Are 75% guys of late generations not marriageable??

If family is saved, first and foremost  quality of life, health, wealth of  husband and wife  will be improved. Sexual Affairs will be 50 times less ( see Swami Vivekananda's quote above). There will be less abortions, less child labor, less unemployed youth, less old age homes, less evils in society, less frustrations.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Letter to my Non-Vegetarian Brothers

* Do not eat animals for taste , if at all , it should only for food needs.

* Have Vegetarian food if the area you live in , has plenty of it. 

* Do not kill animals for beatifying yourself or for sex power.

* Do not eat animals who are kept in artificial conditions and cut by machines. They should be kept in natural habitat and well taken care of.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Innovation Economics and Innovation Politics

Mr. Narayan Murthy, Chief mentor of  Infosys ,once said that "Technology is the best equalizer". He gave an example of the ATM Machines where rich and poor both stand in the same queue.

If no big political reforms are taking place because of lack of political will, or if the 80% of the poor in India do not find any ray of hope for the progress; at least technological innovations will change the power equations as always had been the case in history. Industrial revolution made the European counties to rule the world. IT revolution gave recognition to Indian students, Indian intelligentsia and India as never before.

I propose many ideas - they have wings of imagination, logic, possibilities.

1> Let us have reality shows promoting technological innovations, separate channels for innovations.

2> Solar panels like Television antenna can be with every house hold , this will be a major source of his electricity consumptions. Already there are similar products in market, not marketed well.
Government is least bothered to market them. 

3> Electricity from earth magnetic field. electricity from motion of pavement dwellers on roads and bridge dwellers on bridges.

4> Food technologies - (not Genetic Modified ones) - like food storage , distribution, high yield etc.

5> Education technologies - to spread education with new media in remotest parts of the country.

6> Cars which run on water. This kind of research is already going on in India i.e. to run car on water.

7> Sturdy cars for rough rural roads. Instead of waiting for Mr. Kamal Nath , Minister for roads and highways, to build rural roads, why can not we have sturdy LCV vans giving public transport to rural areas.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bottom of Pyramid - consumer products and employment for unskilled labor

When 83 Crore people of Indian population is living below 20 rupees a day ; 

those industrialists, businessmen, new entrepreneurs and Policy makers in Government who believe in the "Bottom of Pyramid" theory; should try to produce ....

1> consumer products, health products, food products, cloths, housing, hotels, entertainment,  social schemes, banking products, loans,  tax incentives  etc which suit the need of this big majority - namely -83 Crore people of Indian population is living below 20 rupees a day.

2> Also government needs to plan employment for these people who can be expected to have least skills or at the most some semi-skills.  

If  this lot can not be prosperous with the help of suitable employment , their purchasing power will not grow. plus if they do not have cheap and useful products which which add value to their life; we should be sure that -
we do not have economists , marketing professionals and sociologists but bunch of traitors who are selling the whole country to MNCs and make tall talk of about progress.

If purchasing power and life style of people rises, our GDP and economy will rise in sustainable way.

Why not we have a public Sector Indian chains of hotels worldwide like McDonalds, serving delicious Indian food and giving lot of employment to many Indians who are unskilled.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bharat Swabhiman : Our sovereignty is dependent on our identity

If a cub of lion tries to pretend that it is elephant; if baby horse pretends to be a fox,  if baby cow pretends to behave like deer; it will be not only hillarious but create lot of  imbalance in its personality and destroy the species.

Similarly we are about to lose our sovereignty for the country and identity of our culture by giving in to the western culture totally. Right from Swami Vivekananda, Sri Arbindo , Mahatma Gandhi to Yoga Guru Ramadev Swami have proclaimed that if you let western
 culture to capture your youth, our nation will be destroyed.

As far as so called progress and economic prosperity is concerned, 
as per Ramdev baba, the % of poor people is increased from 10% to 70% in last 63 years of independence. At the time of independence 3 crore people out of 33 crore were below poverty line. whereas right now (2007 data) 83 crore out of 115 crore people live below 20 Rs a day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corruption control and Revenue to Government using technology

When I was on my Dubai pleasure trip, I saw hidden cameras, CCTV or similar technologies used on roads to collect fines from those who break traffic laws. In Dubai , since there are no taxes levied, no book keeping accounting records kept, Monarchical Government has no other revenue source except Fines. And still the government is earning more than enough to have the Dubai developed the way it is.

Of course we may not have draconian rules like other countries, surely we can have CCTV, hidden cameras at 

* Roads, specially highways and main roads to punish and fine the lawbreakers of traffic laws.

Government offices, especially Income tax, sales tax, custom offices, excise offices.

* Nationalized Banks and Post offices.

*  Places where hostile and injurious workplaces can be found.

* Government Ministries, departments, offices of bureaucrats.

* Supreme courts , High courts, district courts, small causes courts.

*  Private sectors also if corrupt and give bribes to government  offices should be punished.

* Hidden cameras can be used to find exploitation of child labor, labor, ingredients in chemical factories, pharmaceutical products, food articles etc.

Monday, February 15, 2010



*  Eradicate Child labor - around 5.5 to 6 Crore children in India are child labor. They are one of the major root causes of unemployment in unskilled youth of employable and marriageable age.

Also child labor leads to illiterate young India which will be a disaster in future.
Government should employ police to pick up child labor and rehabilitate , refuge them with the help of NGOs , government bodies etc. All it requires is a political will. 

* Senior Citizens aspiring for "lucrative careers" are disaster for the country. 
These are senior citizens who hardly did anything in their youth, always exploited nation, society, systems, youth and children. Most of them are anti-national and traitors and unmotivated youth by brainwashing them against the country, asking them to go abroad, exploiting youth with their power and positions, exploiting youth emotionally, intellectually, spiritually etc. 

Beware of these old people. Reduce the retirement age of these lot. Why do they need position, chair and official career? why can not they sit at home and serve the society and nation as traditionally senior citizens used to do. (these are only 10% elite class lot amongst rest 90% senior citizens in the country being in miserable state of life). 

They consume highest , enjoy alcohol, women, unhealthy and costly food and feasts, they regularly travel abroad for pleasure trips, all these at other's cost. They are  burden on the nations. They  don't have tensions to marry or  grow up children anymore. They keep on creating mess  as their hobby.

*  Careerism  - an evil bigger than Multinational companies :
Career is a new concept. Traditionally people used to have job (working for someone - working under someone) , business, goverment job or office, factories, profession, artistic persuits.. and so on.. 
But however "career"  is the most irresponsible type of occupations which have become popular in market. These "careers" are eating away the society, nation, businesses etc. Anyone who is genuine from industrialist to worker, from politicians to political worker, from God man to housewife - all have to face this big racket , biggest corruption of "Careerism".

Career means the classical way to escape from the full responsibility to task, people, society and nation  and  safeguard one's small , selfish interest in defined way by market.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facilitate Mass Fasting for holy, spiritual, national, social cause

Many Religious social and Religious political leaders like Gandhji, Madan Mohan Malavia, Vinoba Bhave ,Ex PM Lal Bahadoor Sashtri not only used to practice fast themselves but also propagated mass fasting in public.

 Benefits of  spreading Mass - Fasting on holy days like  Ekadasi etc.

* collective Spiritual practice
* Saving  of  food - economical good.

* Benefits of collective cooking for  simple food.
* spreads awareness, builds Unity , nationalism, sense of community in people

Sunday, February 7, 2010


If  American President Obama wishes more Sino American Trade so that cheap Chinese goods can support falling economy of America; why can not we make best out of cheap China goods for poor Indians ?

Instead of outsourcing our talented youth as cheap labor abroad, we should focus more on in-sourcing cheap essential commodities, cheap goods  and services  from  Asia , West Asia, Europe. 

Balancing between protecting Indian industries by levying anti-dumping duties and giving domestic industries a fair competition by International goods and services is necessary in the interest of Indian consumer. The basic idea of WTO is somewhat like this - free and fair  trade - flow of  goods, services and manpower across the globe.

Export Dichotomy :- Real Exporters vs. Fake Exporters

In Budget released on February 2010, government needs to stop bailing out and stop giving stimulus to those export industries which are destroying the country. BPOs, KPOs, Software etc service sectors are wasting our talented manpower (worth billions of rupees) at throw away prices by outsourcing. Instead we should help real exporters like traders of textiles, consumer goods etc who are real long term players and do not ask for any incentives, tax holidays, SEZs, bail outs.

We have so much trading , business, industrious opportunity with counties where our Governments have not focused. Still private sectors have done wonders in this not favored countries and not favored industries. 

Beware of those in Government and Private sector who only drag the country and its resources and chunk of budgetary allocations to improve  business with USA and UK ( and with not even other European countries). These people are destroying the country. They are traitors.  
The  real business, trade, market opportunities are with  BRIC countries, over populated countries, UAE, South Asian, African, Latin American countries.

Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.